The Longest Nine Months

I first shied away from reading this book because I thought it was going to be all about having babies, not my favourite topic. Luckily for me, I did pick up the book, read it, and enjoyed it. It was not all about babies and pregnancies, although this was a significant factor in the novel. It was more about the relationship between Chand and Campbell.

Chand is of East Indian heritage and Campbell is Caucasian. They are devoted to each other; so much so, that Campbell wears the traditional sari to please her husband, even when other modern East Indian women at their office party are wearing western dress.

No children are planned in their as yet young marriage, so when Campbell finds herself pregnant, major changes loom. Chand is not as thrilled as Campbell had hoped he would be, and the final straw, a possibly flawed baby, threatens to destroy this happy marriage.

I was drawn into the story by Ms Balawyder’s skillful development of her characters. I cared about them. I felt their joys and frustrations,Β  and empathized with their problems.

Don’t miss reading this heartwarming novel by Carol Balawyder. You can find it here: Just clickΒ amazon.

You will also find that Ms. Balawyder has written several other very entertaining books. Although they are inter-connected, they can easily be read as stand-alones. I know you’ll enjoy them all.

Carol Balawyder



24 thoughts on “The Longest Nine Months

  1. Thank you, Anneli, for your interesting review. It is always fun to see how readers interpret my work. I like that you placed attention on the mixed marriage. Although I didn’t explore the issue of cultural differences in mixed race relationships, I did try to show how eager Campbell was to embrace Chand’s culture while losing herself.
    Thank you also for the timing of this post. It will nicely fill in the gap between my Christmas and New Year wishes posts. πŸ™‚

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    • The wearing of the sari really hit home with me because it highlighted how hard women will work to please a man even though she felt a bit foolish at times (like when the East Indian women in their work crowd didn’t wear them). I felt her turmoil when she saw that maybe she had misjudged what to wear and wondered what they must think about her “trying so hard.” I enjoyed the way you got right into the character’s head.

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  2. I have only read one of Carol’s set which was the first book which introduced all four (Campbell the counselor to three women of varied backgrounds) characters. I love each of them, but related to the oldest in the group, Missi Morgan. 😊
    I would like to be able to read the other three, but it means buying through Amazon. . . I rotate through my list of friends, so eventually I will have as many as possible read! πŸ’ž πŸŽ‰

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