Humour in Writing – Linn B. Halton

SO titleThere’s humour in everything—birth, death and all of the intricate details in between that we refer to as life. Then there’s love …
In my next novel, Sweet Occasions, Katie’s life is consumed with following her dream, after she sets up her own bakery.
As everything begins to fall apart, so does her relationship with Steve, but can it be salvaged? Then there’s Adam, doting father to Lily, who drifts into her life. Maybe I should say ‘drips’ into her life …

Happy casual man“How can I help you?” I ask politely.
No response is forthcoming as the seconds slowly tick by. He appears to have lost the power of speech and I struggle to mask the grin that keeps creeping across my face. I watch as a rivulet of water snakes down from his sodden hair and he raises his sleeve to wipe it away. I can’t stop my eyes from straying to the floor and I see that he’s standing in what appears to be quite a large puddle. He observes me checking it out, but says nothing. The seconds continue to pass and I wait patiently, wondering why anyone would venture out on a day like this so totally unprepared to battle the elements.
He shifts from one foot to the other, and then runs his hand through his hair in an attempt to sweep the wet tendrils off his forehead.
“Sssorry, I’m a llllittle wet.”
Well, that’s an understatement if ever I heard one. He’s embarrassed and I swallow a chuckle, disguising it with a cough.
“Um … I just need something … small,” he continues, sounding hesitant.
He’s looking directly at me as if that should mean something.
I’m frowning, so I slide back into smiley-face mode and pick up one of our leaflets. I spread it out on the counter and he leans forward to look at the array of cakes. As he moves his head a few drops of rain flick up into the air, splatting across the front of my blouse and landing on the counter. He looks mortified.
“Um,” he mutters weakly. He looks up at me, a blank expression on his face.

It’s a chance encounter that has her trying very hard to hide a smirk. What sort of guy would leave home so inadequately dressed on such a stormy day? As the puddle of water in which he’s standing grows, so does her sympathy. It’s one memory that will stick in her mind for a long time …

Coming 23 September, 2014:

SO LBH medKatie’s relationship has had more than its fair share of problems. After a difficult few years things begin to pick up and Katie finally realises her dream of opening up a bakery. Sweet Occasions specialises in novelty and celebration cakes, plus the most inspiring range of cupcakes anyone could possibly ask for!
Utilising her passion and skill helps to inject happiness back into her life, but it’s short-lived as things begin to fall apart. The reality is that you need to run a business with your heart AND your head. Help is at hand in the shape of her partner, Steve. He has the necessary experience, but does Katie want to tie herself to him financially, as well as personally?
Then one rainy, wintry day a bedraggled customer steps inside the door to order a cake …
Sometimes a turning point centres around one single moment in time. Sometimes it takes two Christmases and three birthdays.

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Why You Need a Copy Editor


You start reading a book and are just getting into it when you notice a repeated word. Oh well, you shake your head and continue. On the next page you find the verb “to lie” misused, and you feel irritated. Still, it’s a good story and you want to find out what happens, so you continue. Then you see glaring punctuation mistakes in the dialogue. At this point you begin to wonder if the author knows anything about writing. You had hoped at first that they were just typos,  but repeated errors and misused words (such as “peek” instead of “peak”) now have you wondering if you can stand to read a whole book of this quality no matter how enthralling the plot is.

As an author, I would be embarrassed to publish something like this, but often we can’t see our own mistakes. On re-reading our work, our brain tells us that the words say what we intended. Our eyes gloss over the  errors because, we already know what it says–we think! This is why all authors need a good copy-editor. Our  reputation hinges on publishing good, clean writing.


Most writers like to feel confident that their written work is free of errors. The truth is that often they are too close to their work to notice the errors that may be there.

Would you submit your work for approval if you knew that rejection was imminent? You can avoid that rejection by hiring me to proofread and edit your work.

What I Can Do for You   

Whether you have written a newspaper or magazine article, children’s book, short story, novel, or a university textbook, I can help you to make that work perfect.

I will read your work, checking for correct spelling, punctuation, grammar, balance in verb tenses, and word usage.  I will verify cross-referenced material and look for any inconsistencies in your work.

I use the Track Changes feature in Word to point out errors. This gives you the option of accepting or rejecting my suggestions without jeopardizing your original work.

If you wish, I can make recommendations for alternate wording to remedy awkward phrasing. If you need help in writing down your ideas, I can do that. I will edit your work unobtrusively.

I am comfortable and competent in editing work that is interspersed with German, French, and Spanish, including bibliographies that may contain foreign titles.

How to Send Me Your Work

You can send me your work as an email attachment, preferably as a Word file.

My Rates 

(US) $.01 per word for complete proofreading and copy-editing, checking for grammar, punctuation, word usage, and inconsistencies. I will do three pages for free so you can see the quality of my work before you decide if you’d like to hire me.

Rates are negotiable depending on the job. Discounts available for greater word counts.

Contact Information 

Anneli Purchase



  • 25 years of teaching
  • 19 years experience with copy-editing, as well as writing and editing novels and articles
  • Have attended creative writing workshops and conferences
  • Have edited university-level books and articles in Ancient History as well as in the Sciences
  • Can translate from German to English and have a good basic knowledge of French and Spanish
  • Will re-write work for you if desired
  • Can suggest changes to improve your writing if that is what you would like
  • Have a keen eye for grammar, word usage, spelling, punctuation and balance in verb tenses
  • References available

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To an author, changing your ‘look’ is like buying a new dress …

… so many options and no guarantees you’ll get it right first time! I’m talking about author branding – of course!

Guest author, Linn B. Halton talks about updating your media image:

Authors don’t simply write books, most maintain their own blogs and websites. I have two publishers, as well as self-published novels and somehow I have to bring all those very diverse styles together.

With two new releases (one self-pubbed and one traditionally published) coming up in less than a month, it’s a reminder that even when the ebook/paperback is ready to go, there’s still a lot of work to be done! The website begins a tranformation:

Romantic Fiction header

The addition of two new covers, even when you already have a line-up of eight books out there, is very significant for two reasons. First of all, as a writer you grow and your most recent writing will reflect the things you have learnt (including, hopefully, getting the cover right); secondly it makes you stop and think about where you are heading – what you want to tell your readers. I write about the search for the perfect other: sometimes with a psychic twist, but the romance is always at the heart of the story. I write about real relationships and enjoy writing it from multiple points of view. You get to read what she thinks and feels, then you get to see his side of the story. It’s a reminder that often two people will see and hear the exact same thing, but go away with their recollection of what happened coloured by their own life experiences. You end up with two, often very different, impressions. That’s human nature.

In the run up to a book launch an author will add the cover, blurb, excerpt etc. to their website and I, for one, get that urge to ‘seek out a new look’. I want my readers to know I’m growing and changing with each book I write, so they get a real flavour for what they will find inside the covers of that latest release.

I think, more than anything, good (and interesting) graphics PLUS the ability for readers to sample a chapter before they buy, are the best ways of ensuring readers won’t be disappointed if they choose to read one of my books. So that’s what my website offers. However, the graphics have to reflect the content of the book – Falling: Angels Among Us The Complete Series is a romance with heavy psychic overtones:

Rom Fict collage

Whereas Sweet Occasions is a heart-warming and uplifting tale of life, relationships and love. I hope I’ve achieved that with some of the graphics I’ve designed:

Sweet Occasions

I play around with a lot of apps and have become very good at taking random photos. You never know when you will need a shot of the beach, that leafy tree, or even the love heart that hangs on the wall. Graphics are easier to pull together on the iPAD, simply because the apps you can download are so flexible. You can re-touch and modify the photos, overlay them with text, or create fun collages. It’s fun and, I hope, really helps to give a flavour of the content of my novels …

So, writers have a play and readers, feedback is ALWAYS welcome!

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Strings Attached

Mr Blake will see you now!

From 16th September 2014, Mandy Baggot’s Strings Attached is going on tour!

Strings Attached


Strings Attached is a contemporary romance novel that was shortlisted for Best Author Published Read at the Festival of Romance in 2012. It’s done a Waterstones store tour, its leading man has interacted via his own Twitter account and it’s been a bestseller on Amazon.

Here’s the blurb…

Caterer George Fraser has a mission. She’s going to prove everyone wrong. Ambitious owner of catering firm Finger Food and black sheep of her family, she’s determined to succeed in business where she’s so far failed in her personal life. Asked to cater for gorgeous rock star Quinn Blake’s after-show party her life suddenly takes a turn for the dramatic.

Magnetically drawn together, George and Quinn embark on a relationship that no one must know about. But is Quinn everything he seems or is there more to his star life than he’s telling her?

Things hot up when George is invited to the wedding of the millennium and her integrity very soon becomes compromised. With celebrity obsessed colleague Marisa in the mix and her beloved Adam spending more time in her life can George keep her secrets and hold on to her ambition, or will love finally get in the way?


What do people say about the book?

‘Mandy Baggot has created an impeccable love story’

‘The chemistry between George and Quinn from the very first meeting is intense and the intensity continues right to the last page’

‘I enjoyed George and Quinn’s relationship – the tenderness and the passion, the uncertainty and the secrets. This is a chick lit story that has stayed with me since I’ve read it’

‘An exciting and romantic story with an emotional edge’

‘A plot twist straight out of Dallas’

Strings Attached – One pull could change your life!



Read an exclusive extract now…

George smiled and was about to text a reply when the swing doors banged open and Quinn marched into the room, a thunderous expression on his face.

‘How dare you!’ he greeted, striding up to her.

‘How dare I what?’ George replied, standing her ground and looking at him.

‘How dare you refuse to come to Manchester in front of Michael!’ Quinn yelled.

‘How dare I?! How dare you put me in that position,’ George exclaimed angrily.

‘It was just a catering job,’ Quinn said, standing opposite her, so close it was a little unnerving.

‘No it wasn’t,’ George snapped back.

Quinn just kept his gaze focused on her, staring as if he was daring her to look away. George swallowed, knowing what was going to happen next.

His lips crashed against hers a second later and he was holding her so tightly she thought the breath was going to leave her body entirely. She melted into him, like she did every time they were together and only let go when she just had to stop to take in air.

‘Quinn,’ she began as he moved his lips down her neck and began lightly kissing her shoulder blade.

He didn’t reply. She could feel the tip of his tongue brushing against her collarbone.

‘Quinn,’ she repeated, trying not to shiver as his hot breath warmed her entire insides.

His fingers were at the buttons of her shirt now and she was perilously close to letting him carry on.

‘Quinn,’ she said firmly.

Finally he stopped and brought his head back up to look at her.

‘We can’t keep doing this. I won’t be that girl.’

Follow the Strings Attached tour on the dates below and purchase the book for just 99p from 16 September until the end of the tour!


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**JUST 99p!** Buy Strings Attached