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Thank you so much for letting me showcase my forthcoming steamy action-romance novel SHANNON’S LAW. It’s  the second in my PASSION PATROL series – stories where sassy female cops lock up the criminals and always get their man.

Photo A Shannon's Law Tour - print and digital

February marks the start of my “Pinterest Reveal Virtual Book Tour” in the run-up to the launch on the 28th February 2014.

Every day there are feature posts on topics relating to SHANNON’S LAW on blogs all around the world.  They’re all linked together on one big Pinterest Board. Each post replaces a ‘mystery’ silhouette that was posted in January. I saved all  my notes and photos as I was writing, on a private Pinterest Board and now I can share them with you.

Today’s subject is:  The Food of Love – Cop’s Kitchen – a companion recipe book to Shannon’s Law – Devils on Horseback

All-action all-loving cops need fuel. In the course of Shannon’s Law she and others chomp their way through a fair bit of food.  As I was writing it occurred to me that readers might like to experience some of the dishes for themselves. So it was that Cop’s Kitchen came into being. Where a dish is mentioned I have created a recipe.  All the food has been tried out  at home. Now you can too. The color photos are all my own work as well.  As a special treat during the run-up to launch of Shannon’s Law –  every reader who enters the Rafflecopter Draw below gets a FREE digital  copy of Cop’s Kitchen!

Photo C Shannon's Law Cop's Kitchen art

Shannon is a working girl. Between love and crime action she often has little time to consider her diet let alone slave at the stove or go shopping for herbs and spices.  As a true English girl she is well acquainted with take-out fish and chips. She has a favorite curry house to beat anything she could make. Although she buys some dishes ready made, I have recreated the real thing in my own way, using traditional methods. Very often it is the police canteen that keeps her fueled up for drama and passion. My ex-cop partner appears to have spent a lot of his career sustained by a famous police dish – Sausage Toad with chips. In the book, Shannon has an important meeting with her boss over such a feast.


“Now, that’s what I call true Force feeding!” he said.

Shannon laughed and treated the delicacy with brown HP sauce. She missed stuff like this in her new life. Her hips were cheering. They sat down by the window looking out onto the urban swirl of cars and Croydon concrete.


A recipe from Cop’s Kitchen to whet your appetite: Devils on Horseback 

These little dainties are served as one of a selection of canapé appetizers at a reception at Bloxington Manor after a cricket match.  They are the most unlikely combination but are utterly delicious blend of salt and sweet.  Traditionalists say to use prunes but I prefer unctuous dates – you could try either.  They are quite rich so if served with other appetizers you may only need 3-4 per person.

Shannon's Law Post 10 Photo devils on horseback

Ingredients to make 24:

8 rashers of bacon (streaky is best but back bacon will do.)

24 dates – pitted.

fresh sage leaves or dried if unavailable.

Olive oil.

wooden cocktail sticks.



  1. Pre-heat the oven to gas mark 6, 400 degF, 200degC.
  2. Using the blunt edge of a knife, carefully stretch each bacon slice to 1.5 times its length.
  3. Cut each rasher into 3.
  4. Take a date (or prune) and roll one slice of bacon around it.  Pin in place with a cocktail stick through the whole thing.
  5. Put some olive oil on a saucer and dip a sage leaf into the oil. (skip if using dried basil)
  6. Stick the sage leaf onto the ‘devil’.
  7. Place on a baking tray.
  8. If using dried sage, when all the devils are finished, sprinkle with olive oil and dried sage.
  9. Place in oven and cook for 10-12 minutes.
  10. Release with a metal slice and serve whilst warm.


Book Blurb

Shannon's Law 1MB

Wild child inner-city cop Shannon Aguerri walks a dangerous line between her methods and justice. When the bosses lose their nerve, after yet another maverick mission, she is transferred to green pastures to play out the role of a routine village cop. When she encounters signs of slave and drug trafficking she homes in on serious millionaire criminals.

As a loner she has attracted men but nothing has stuck. When she meets Spencer, the hunky and widowed Earl of Bloxington, there is an immediate rapport between them. Their social differences mean nothing to their passion and need.

Already in the mix is an upper class female rival – who has long plotted her way into the Earl’s bed. The jealousy is an evil shade of green and the anger is a violent scarlet.

Often inhibited by a sense of duty and honour, Spencer is slow to reveal his feelings. When Shannon confronts him with the need to choose between her word and that of her rival, he does not immediately support her.

All issues are set aside, when they are forced together to carry out a desperate rescue mission. Their love is stronger than everything ranged against them.

SHANNON’S LAW comes out on February 28th 2014 in print and digital formats for all e-readers. 

Amazon is offering some great discounts for pre-orders of the paperback version

(29% off in USA,     12% off in the UK).

You can pre-order the digital version at a pre-launch special price from Nook, Kobo, and iTunes. It will also be available in all digital formats on Smashwords

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Companion Cookbook

In addition to SHANNON’S LAW, I’m launching a companion digital cookbook with illustrated recipes for all the meals from the novel.

 It’s called  COP’S KITCHEN – Read the love story and taste the romance!

To celebrate the launch of SHANNON’S LAW, there is a special FREE gift for you in my RAFFLECOPTER draw. As well as great, unique prizes to win, EVERY ENTRANT will get their own digital copy of – COP’S KITCHEN. There are many ways to get bonus chances – by commenting on this post, liking Facebook Pages etc.


Photo C Shannon's Law Cop's Kitchen art

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Shannon’s Law comes out in paperback and digital formats for all e-readers

on February 28th 2014.

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The Little Things

Poppy pic  watercolor[1]

When you live with someone, it’s always nice to hear the words, “I love you,” but over many years, actions speak louder than words (excuse the cliché). There are hundreds of little things my husband and I do for each other, but for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would list a few of the things he does for me that I appreciate. They are not in order of importance because ordering them would involve a chore that I’m not prepared to undertake.

What he does:

  • sometimes he brings me coffee in bed, and then we sit and discuss what’s happening in the big world at large or our small world at home
  • drives all the way across town to bring me the lunch I forgot to take to work with me (often it’s a lunch he has made while I’m fussing with another bad hair day)
  • sends me roses from hundreds of miles away if he can’t be with me on my birthday (way too expensive)
  • listens patiently to my bits of writing and critiques honestly, but not hurtfully
  • makes time to talk things through, coming up with a reasonable solution
  • understands when I’m on overload and helps pick up the slack
  • cooks with me, sometimes with a glass of red wine, and Pavarotti singing at full volume
  • laughs with me and puts up with my goofy sense of humour
  • comforts me when I’m down because someone is sick or has died or is in trouble
  • accommodates my search for subjects to photograph in my efforts to become a better photographer (this usually means an outing together and often results in a wonderful time)
I'm coming down to the beach to take pictures and he yells, "Be careful. The logs are slippery."

I’m coming down to the beach to take pictures and he yells, “Be careful. The logs are slippery.”

When Valentine’s Day is Over…

My guest today is Linn Halton. She writes love stories all the time but today she’s writing about herself.


When Valentine’s Day is over …

Let me be very clear—I love ‘love’—that’s why I write romance novels. I love romantic gestures too – who doesn’t? But I have a slightly different take on Valentine’s Day, having been married for quite a long time.

Rewind a few years and as a sixteen-year-old I met my soulmate – he was seventeen at the time. On our first Valentine’s Day we had been dating for four months and had been saving up to get married for two and a half months! Marry in haste and repent at leisure they say. It wasn’t true for us and every single day he’s still the one I would choose.

That first Valentine’s Day was exciting because it had a special meaning. For the first time I was buying gifts for someone I truly loved, someone who made me feel loved and complete. Someone I knew I’d be with forever. As the years roll on we’ve had fun with small gifts for each other, meals out, flowers – until I put a stop to one rose for every year we’d been together. The cost was ridiculous! Now? We sometimes buy cards, sometimes we don’t. Not very romantic, I can hear you saying …

photo 1 (600x800)

The point is, it isn’t about Valentine’s Day anymore. I think our friends would agree that we are two of the most romantic married people they know, who are still madly in love.

We pay lip service to Valentine’s Day because we keep romance alive throughout the year. We have regular date nights – just the two of us in a smart restaurant and we dress up for each other. The flowers here (and a HUGE box of chocolates) were a surprise gift from Lawrence. We’ve recently moved house and it hasn’t been easy. We had no heating or cooking facilities for most of the Christmas and New Year period, plus we are doing the renovation work ourselves. I’m the filler/sander/painter/wallpaperer and lovely Lawrence is knocking out bits of wall, laying floors, and replacing the kitchen and bathrooms.

We work well as a team. We both give our ‘all’ and we don’t take each other for granted. The flowers were a ‘thank you’ to me for putting up with the mess and the lack of facilities. My romantic gesture in return? When Lawrence is working he likes constant cups of tea and coffee, and despite the lack of facilities I made sure mealtimes weren’t boring (and that wasn’t easy). I never moan when I’m constantly cleaning through after the messy jobs (his or mine). Times when I was worried that my day job was running very behind, I still made sure I did my part so he wasn’t held up and despite the chaos, we laughed a lot and counted our blessings.

Heart with wedding rings on a white background. 3D image.The cottage renovation is coming on well – we are six weeks in and are both back to work during the day. We work on the cottage evenings and weekends. Within three months it will be done and then date nights are back on. You see, that’s the bonus of having found your soulmate. Sometimes romance has to be put on hold (well, paint in your hair and on your jeans isn’t the most romantic look) but one thing is for sure – when you pick back up those romantic dinners for two are even MORE special!

So if you have a long-term relationship ‘romance isn’t just for Valentine’s Day … it’s forever’.

Linn has just moved to the Forest of Dean with her husband, Lawrence, and cat with ‘catitude’,
Mr Tiggs.

Website ( Twitter: @LinnBHalton
Facebook: Linn B Halton and Author Linn B Halton
Linn’s books:
Loveahappyending Lifestyle
HarperImpulse and Sapphire Star Publishing author pages

Timing is Everything

Anneli Purchase

Anneli Purchase

 Julia’s Violinist is a love story that is dear to my heart. I’d like to tell you a little bit about it in time for Valentine’s Day.

Photo courtesy of Victor Tribunsky

Nineteen-year-old Julia lives in the tiny hamlet of Neusattl. She is in love with Michael, a roguishly handsome young man who plays the violin beautifully.  He lives in Saaz,  a much larger town about 15 kms away.

town square

His long hours at work, and the early darkness of winter evenings make it almost impossible for them to see each other.  Julia wonders if he really loves her after all. They break up when an acquaintance of Michael’s turns on the charm and sweeps her off her feet.

1939. War is declared. Everything changes. The next years bring love and loss and love again, but not with Michael. He has disappeared without a trace.

Julia begins a new family, a new life, with a man she is still getting to know. He is not the gentle fun-loving fellow that Michael was, but he promises to look after her. In the desperate postwar times it has to be enough. Then one day a letter arrives from her first love of over twenty years ago:

Excerpt from Julia’s Violinist

April 30, 1952

Dear Julia,

I hope that I’ve found you at last and that you are well. I’ve been writing letters and looking for you since the war ended. I didn’t know if you were dead or alive. I was so happy when the Red Cross sent me this address for you. They told me you are listed as a widow, so I presume that Lukas did not survive the war. I’m sorry for your loss. He was a good man.

I’ve been in Canada since 1938 when Hitler’s enforcers came looking for anyone who had opposed him politically. I was lucky to escape. I couldn’t even say goodbye to Marlies. I heard later that she died in the Dresden bombing. She had relatives there and was visiting at that terrible time. Sadly, they all perished.

A group of us, who feared for our lives, went into hiding. We managed to slip out of the country and come to Canada via Britain. There are a lot of German people in the Dawson Creek area.

Would you and your daughters consider coming to Canada? It is a land of hope and opportunity, they say. I believe it. It has been good to me. I have a bakery here in Dawson Creek and it is doing well. Why don’t you come? There are hard times ahead for you in Germany. Life is better here. Say you’ll come.



What would you do? Read Julia’s Violinist and find out what Julia did.

Front Cover Only

Julia’s Violinist is available in paperback or e-book at, (and other amazon outlets), and

Love is More than Valentine Cards

Visiting us today on the Valentine’s Day countdown is author Chris Longmuir. She lives in Scotland where she writes crime novels that will grip you on page one and not let you go until your read “The End.”

With a different outlook on Valentine’s Day,  Chris shares her thoughts on love.

Chris Longmuir

Love is more than Valentine Cards

My husband did not send valentine cards, nor did he indulge in any of the romantic stuff so prevalent in love stories. He would have given me flowers, but he said I didn’t appreciate them, and he was right. But I didn’t need any of those things to know he loved me.

He was always there for me. He would have done anything for me. He was my support and my biggest fan. He thought I was the best thing that ever walked on two legs. And I miss that.

 You see I lost him in 2005, and I still feel the pain. So on Valentine’s Day I’ll visit him with flowers, because even though I didn’t appreciate them, he did.


Dundee Crime Series 2

Lady in Red

Continuing the Valentine’s Day countdown is British author Caroline James.

Caroline James press pic 1

What loves means… this experience certainly reminded me!

Many years ago I ran a country house hotel, where Valentine’s night was a main date in the calendar and preparations were made with great care to set the mood. I’d been divorced for almost a year and was still reeling, men were simply not in my periphery and I immersed myself in work. On the great day a small package, addressed to me, arrived in the post. Inside, a card signed with a kiss and a music tape by Chris de Burgh, fell out of the wrapping. When I played the tape, I realised it was set for a particular song – Lady in Red. The staff seemed amused, I had an admirer! But I was perplexed as I had no idea who it might be.  The day progressed with still no clues to the mystery mail and eventually I went to get changed for the evening. Staring at the line of dresses in my wardrobe, I chose a red one – well, it was Valentine’s Day after all.

I braced myself for the evening ahead and hurried to begin work. As I walked into the bar, a song began to play and I heard Chris de Burgh sing, ‘Lady in Red, is dancing with me…’I was totally flummoxed and looked anxiously around the candlelit room, where couples were sipping champagne. A gorgeous looking man sat at the bar and smiled. He raised his glass then walked towards me and I recognised him as a guest from a couple of weeks before.

“Care to dance?” he asked and led me away from the bar to the moonlit conservatory overlooking the garden. As I danced with the handsome stranger the pain of my divorce evaporated and the rest, as they say, is history… well possibly another book!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely people, hope yours is a special as mine was all those years ago. xx


SYTYACC_cover jpeg

Coffee Tea The Gypsy & Me front cover 6 x 9 jpeg


Caroline is the author of bestselling romantic comedies, Coffee, Tea, the Gypsy & Me and So, You Think You’re A Celebrity…Chef?  Today, she lives in Cheshire and spends her time writing, climbing mountains, and running a hospitality business. More details can be found on her website  

Red rose on the vinous silk

Love Quotes

For today’s Valentine’s Day countdown, author Sue Fortin  has found some worthwhile quotes to describe what love means.

Sue Fortin

What does love mean?

When I published my book last year, my Romaniac pals and I discussed this on our blog.  We came up with some great suggestions and these are a few of my favourites.

Friendship is the foundation of love. (Sue Fortin)

Lighting candles even though it’s only soup for tea. (Celia J Anderson)

Making me laugh until I cry. (Vanessa Savage)

Love is a friendship set on fire. (unknown)

Sue Fortin, writer of romance with a touch of danger. Blogs at and with The Romaniacs, member of the RNA. Published by Harper Collins’ imprint, Harper Impulse.

United_States_of_Love  High Res

Love at the Ends of the Earth


I asked author Pooben Narayanen to add his thoughts to our Valentine’s Day countdown with a Valentine’s-Day-related story. Here is what he came up with.

Pooben [1]

Valentine’s Day related story, eh? Well, I have to admit that my partner and I aren’t into Valentine’s Day. We see it as being a bit too commercial. Over here it’s a big deal. I’m pretty sure that restaurants are booked and cards are flying off shelves, and although Mauritius grows roses, I wouldn’t be surprised if some aren’t being imported from Kenya or Holland.

However, I do have a Valentine story. It goes back to my secondary school days during my O level year (Mauritius follows the British system). It so happened that I was a bit of a whiz when it came to English literature. How did I know this? A few days before Valentine’s Day I noticed one of my classmates writing a letter to the love of his life. I couldn’t help myself and decided to give him a hand. Before I knew it I was helping guys from other classes. I ended up using quotes from Shakespeare. Their girlfriends loved it! Naturally nobody admitted that I was the one who wrote it. Ah, teenage love, eh?


As for me my Valentine’s will be spent with my wife and two boys. I am an author who is trying to make a go of things. I am based in Mauritius, which for those who don’t know, is located all the way in the southern part of the Indian Ocean. You can find my first book “The Mount Hope Explorers Club & the Great White” on Kindle. I also have a website with short stories:



Bubble Baths in France

I had no idea when I invited Patricia Sands to contribute to this Valentine’s Day countdown, that she was such a free spirit! I know she loves France, but…. Here she is to tell us more!


In 1967 the Beatles were singing “All you need is love.” Twenty-two, single, and travelling around Europe for a year with friends, I was falling in love. Madly. Truly. Deeply. In love with travel. In particular, in love with France.


Image courtesy of Felipe Muve of

The love affair has never waned and continues to this day. Fortunately my husband is fully accepting of this affaire de coeur. I get to experience the passion of my life with the man I love and that includes bubble baths in Paris!

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAIs it any wonder that one of her favourite quotes is:


Patricia Sands lives in Toronto, Canada, when she isn’t somewhere else. An admitted travel fanatic, she can pack a bag in a flash and be ready to go anywhere … particularly the south of France. With a focus on travel, women’s issues and ageing, her stories celebrate the feminine spirit and the power of friendship. Encouraging women of all ages to stare down the fear factor and embrace change, she has heard from readers (men too!) ages 20 to 83. Her award-winning debut novel The Bridge Club was published in 2010 and her second novel, The Promise of Provence was an Amazon Hot New Release in April 2013 and a USA Best Book 2013 Finalist. She has recently been invited to lead an 11-day tour of the south of France for 14 women in June 2014 with the Women’s Travel Network.

TPOP_med copy

ad0b936a8de3e29f6c131866bda9ee61 (1)

TBC Kindle cover


Find out more at Patricia’s Facebook Author PageAmazon Author Page or her blog where there are links to her books, social media, and monthly newsletter that has special giveaways and sneak peeks at her next book. She would love to hear from you!

Nicky’s Rings

Countdown to Valentine’s Day continues with guest, Nicky Wells, the rock chick author.


Love means…taking things as they are: A tale of two rings

So my husband proposed to me with a blue plastic ring. It was a gorgeous ring, mind, and I really liked it. I stared at it for a second or two, debating, just briefly, whether I was disappointed that there wasn’t a sparkly diamond in sight. And then I thought, heck, it’s blue and it’s shiny and actually, it is really beautiful. And it’s different. Who cares about diamonds?


So I said yes.

Later, much later that night, I discovered two things. One, the ring wasn’t plastic. It was, in fact, Lalique Crystal and (probably) hideously expensive. And two, it was only a stand-in. My lovely fiancé had scoured the jewellers of London and made a shortlist of three rings (complete with diamonds) from which he wanted me to pick the perfect one. Love him!

 He, in turn, stuck with his proposal even when he discovered that his clueless soon-to-be-wife thought he’d bought her a plastic ring. He wasn’t in the slightest offended (he knew me too well, even then!). He laughed. ‘Well, I’m touched you said yes anyway,’ he chuckled. ‘It must be love.’

Go figure. We’ve been happily married for nearly eleven years now, and both rings are very much treasured.


Nicky’s novels are pictured below. If you want some good love stories in time for Valentine’s Day, you may want to save the Spirits of Christmas for later in the year, but  you can’t go wrong with one of the Sophie books. . For that matter, many of my Valentine guest bloggers have love stories available for you, so don’t be shy. Check them out and have a good time reading them.

NickWellsBannerSee Nicky’s author page on  and on