The Superpower of Attitude

I’d like to introduce my guest, Diana Wallace Peach, author of several novels and now author of her first children’s book. Diana has a wonderful attitude towards life, which I’m happy to let her share with you.

Welcome Diana.

My daughter wasn’t a morning person as a three-year-old. Instead of simply picking out her clothes for the next morning, she’d wear her outfit to bed. Anything to avoid the ordeal of dressing in the morning. Mornings were miserable and teary, and they set the tone for a miserable, teary day.

One morning we sat on her bed, and I suggested that we use her superpowers to change her day. Well, that intrigued her. So together we said the magic words. “I’m going to have a great day.” We said it over and over again, louder and louder, and guess what? She had a great day. Was her routine different than any other ordinary day? Probably not, but her attitude had gone through a transformation.

The power of magic is alive and well with kids. Kisses for ouchies, magic fairy dust for good dreams, a glittery wand to help wake up, or using superpowers to summon a good day… they work. We adults don’t call it magic, we call it psychology or the power of positivity or an “attitude adjustment.”

When I worked as a mental health counselor with the wee ones, we often focused on choices, on deciding what kind of day we wanted and making it happen. We devised all kinds of strategies, including magical ones, for managing feelings and behaviors, for getting along with others and having fun. That’s a tall order for some adults, imagine if you’re only three.

Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters is about the power of attitude, about looking on the bright side, and deciding to enjoy the day. Nothing changes in Ana’s life to move her from grumpiness to smiles, except her outlook. It’s a message that serves our children – in the books we read to them, in the way we communicate, and by modeling healthy attitudes in our own lives. Happy Reading!

Grumpy Ana Goblyn is sour, dour, and cranky. Her lips droop in a frown. She’s bored with every place and person in her friendly town. With the help of her father, she builds a spaceship and travels to a soggy planet where she meets her perfect monster playmates. But there’s a problem! The monsters see her grouchy frown and think she’s a monster. In this children’s space adventure, Ana discovers that her attitude affects her happiness, and she can change it if she chooses.

Here are a few sample pages from Diana’s wonderful book, “Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters.”

About Diana Wallace Peach

Wallace Peach is a writer of grown-up fantasy and science fiction, but she’s also a grandmother who treks to the Gnome Forest, hunting rainbow gems with grandson Revel. They keep an eye out for purple baby dragons skritching in the Dragonwood and gather gold buried around the magical tree of mystery.

Grumpy Ana and the Grouchy Monsters is her first children’s book. More to come!

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Amazon India: Grumpy-Ana-Grouchy-Monsters-Childrens/dp/1975723945




20 thoughts on “The Superpower of Attitude

    • Hi Jill, Thanks so much for the visit. (I don’t what happened to my first reply, so trying again). This was quite a fun project and it’s a pleasure to share it with the world here at Anneli’s Place. Hope you have a superpowered Sunday. 🙂

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  1. Anneli, how did I never know about THIS blog site – I’m a regular visitor to your other one. And who do I find here but the marvelous Diana. I wish I had this book when I was 3, and 5, and 8, and …. I had curly hair and hated it. I still have curly hair, but over the years have moved over to a positive attitude about curls and mornings and getting to know wonderful writers like D. Wallace Peach and Anneli.

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    • I didn’t know about this lovely site either, Pam, not until recently and Anneli’s invite. It’s a pleasure to be here. Isn’t that funny about curly hair. I spent my teens and twenties getting perms! Big hair! Ha ha. Now I’m resigned to gray whatever I wake up with. Thanks for the great comment and have a wonderful Sunday. 😀

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      • I’ll add to yours and double. Despite the fact that I had curly hair, when everyone was getting a perm (t was the ‘look’) – I did too. Total disaster, of course. 🙂 Fun to be here together with Anneli, who, by the way, is an excellent writer (I’ve enjoyed all of her books) and editor.

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