Easily Confused Words for Your List

It’s great to have a list to deal with words that we often confuse  –  a quick reference for those uses you’re not sure of.


If you are confident, you feel sure of something.

A confidant is a someone you trust with a secret. If that person is female, you would refer to her as your confidante.



A council is a group of people whose job may be to advise or to make decisions on behalf of a larger group. A member of the council is called a councillor.

Counsel means advice and can also be used as a verb meaning to advise. (Note the two uses of “advice” and “advise” as well.)  A person who gives advice, especially in an official capacity (like a lawyer would do), is called a counsellor because they counsel (advise) you.


A troop is a group of people, sometimes a portion of an army. Troop can also be used as a verb that means to move together in a group.

Troupe refers to a group of actors or performers.



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