More Trouble Words

Troublesome words are everywhere.

Two words that give me a big headache are discreet and discrete.

Discreet is used for people not liable to gossip. You rely on someone to be discreet (careful about what they say or do).

Discrete means more something closer to distinct, or separate. (The plan will progress in a number of discrete stages.)

I think  this is one of those sets of words that I have to put on my trouble list until I can think of a gimmick for remembering which is which.


Here is an easier one.


An electric current has an “e” in it. The current news and the current in the river, all have “e” in them.

The currant that looks like a small raisin is something an ant might eat. This currant has an ant in it.

Isn’t it fun?


9 thoughts on “More Trouble Words

  1. One that’s always stuck with me is that separate has “a rat” in it.

    On discreet / discrete: how about if you want to mean separate or distinct, keep the e’s separate or distinct from each other?

    Perhaps, as a one liner: The e’s in discrete are discrete.

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