What’s Ahead?


Are you like me when it comes to January? Do you look forward to productive hours doing what you really want, but can’t find the time for right now?

I don’t go in for New Year’s Resolutions much. For me, making resolutions is a recipe for failure. For January, I would rather plan and organize and chisel away at my favourite jobs, one of which is writing.

With Christmas looming and all the festivities taking over my life, I’ve had to put some things on hold. I’m desperate to get back to my writing, but social events take precedence. Christmas is wonderful, but when January comes, and all the hullabaloo is over, I’ll sit down at my computer knowing I have hours of uninterrupted time ahead of me, and I’ll smile. The words will come racing out onto the monitor. They’ll jump into chapter formation, and smile back at me when I reread. Yes! This is what I’ve been missing.Anneli-footer-with-border-400x210

December: Family time, friends visiting, Christmas celebrations.

January: Quiet time, thinking time, writing time. TIME is the key! Having time to write is precious. I can’t wait to get busy at the keyboard again.


12 thoughts on “What’s Ahead?

  1. Me too, Anneli. I can’t wait for those long darker evenings with nothing to distract me apart from a bored Mr Grumpy and a large bag of jelly sweets.
    Hope you have a productive January and wish you all the very best for the festive season. x


  2. Early in next year I will get back to the final few pages I have to go through… but as you say, with Christmas just around the corner … still one shop to fit for son…. and a new camera to play with… it will have to wait for January….


  3. For us, January is the best month for “archaeological” travels as we call them. There are few tourists in the historical places of Europe, and it is possible to take many good photos without people.

    Therefore, in January, we collect material for future blog posts. For example, this January is reserved for Rome.


    • What an excellent idea. You can explore these places without all the crowds and get your best shots of the historical subjects rather than photos of crowds of people who are blocking your view of the objects of interest.


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