The Little Things

Poppy pic  watercolor[1]

When you live with someone, it’s always nice to hear the words, “I love you,” but over many years, actions speak louder than words (excuse the cliché). There are hundreds of little things my husband and I do for each other, but for Valentine’s Day, I thought I would list a few of the things he does for me that I appreciate. They are not in order of importance because ordering them would involve a chore that I’m not prepared to undertake.

What he does:

  • sometimes he brings me coffee in bed, and then we sit and discuss what’s happening in the big world at large or our small world at home
  • drives all the way across town to bring me the lunch I forgot to take to work with me (often it’s a lunch he has made while I’m fussing with another bad hair day)
  • sends me roses from hundreds of miles away if he can’t be with me on my birthday (way too expensive)
  • listens patiently to my bits of writing and critiques honestly, but not hurtfully
  • makes time to talk things through, coming up with a reasonable solution
  • understands when I’m on overload and helps pick up the slack
  • cooks with me, sometimes with a glass of red wine, and Pavarotti singing at full volume
  • laughs with me and puts up with my goofy sense of humour
  • comforts me when I’m down because someone is sick or has died or is in trouble
  • accommodates my search for subjects to photograph in my efforts to become a better photographer (this usually means an outing together and often results in a wonderful time)
I'm coming down to the beach to take pictures and he yells, "Be careful. The logs are slippery."

I’m coming down to the beach to take pictures and he yells, “Be careful. The logs are slippery.”


15 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. You have the best husband there is- or maybe the second best? After comming home from the hospital I found out that I had the best husband. He had to do everything for me, even putting on my socks. And he did a wonderful job and still does. Aren´t we so lucky?


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