Nicky’s Rings

Countdown to Valentine’s Day continues with guest, Nicky Wells, the rock chick author.


Love means…taking things as they are: A tale of two rings

So my husband proposed to me with a blue plastic ring. It was a gorgeous ring, mind, and I really liked it. I stared at it for a second or two, debating, just briefly, whether I was disappointed that there wasn’t a sparkly diamond in sight. And then I thought, heck, it’s blue and it’s shiny and actually, it is really beautiful. And it’s different. Who cares about diamonds?


So I said yes.

Later, much later that night, I discovered two things. One, the ring wasn’t plastic. It was, in fact, Lalique Crystal and (probably) hideously expensive. And two, it was only a stand-in. My lovely fiancé had scoured the jewellers of London and made a shortlist of three rings (complete with diamonds) from which he wanted me to pick the perfect one. Love him!

 He, in turn, stuck with his proposal even when he discovered that his clueless soon-to-be-wife thought he’d bought her a plastic ring. He wasn’t in the slightest offended (he knew me too well, even then!). He laughed. ‘Well, I’m touched you said yes anyway,’ he chuckled. ‘It must be love.’

Go figure. We’ve been happily married for nearly eleven years now, and both rings are very much treasured.


Nicky’s novels are pictured below. If you want some good love stories in time for Valentine’s Day, you may want to save the Spirits of Christmas for later in the year, but  you can’t go wrong with one of the Sophie books. . For that matter, many of my Valentine guest bloggers have love stories available for you, so don’t be shy. Check them out and have a good time reading them.

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