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Diana Peach has done it again! Her new novel, Soul Swallowers, is available now on Amazon.


Ms. Peach’s skill at world building is to be admired. It is like being drawn into a detailed painting as we enter the scene she sets for her new fantasy novel, “Soul Swallowers.” As the title suggests, the characters have the option of swallowing the soul of someone who dies. They are then influenced by the deceased’s morals, skills, and beliefs. This can be a good thing if the swallower chooses wisely. Unfortunately, swallowing the souls of evil people, or swallowing too many souls can have disastrous effects. The plotline sets up political power struggles while telling several parallel love stories. Emotions around love, hate, fear, and pleasure are the same no matter if we read fantasy or a reality-based story. Peach has a wonderful way of pulling the reader in to empathize with the emotions of the characters in her novel. It’s what kept me turning pages and had me reading until 3 in the morning. Soul Swallowers is a wonderful start to a new series.

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The Earth Shifter


My guest today is Lada Ray. Welcome to Anneli’s Place!

Born in Russia, Lada is a world traveler, linguist, financial consultant, Feng Shui Master, shaman, futurist, and metaphysics/spirituality researcher. Lada holds a Master’s Degree in comparative linguistics, is fluent in several languages and has traveled to over twenty-six countries on most continents. She is the author of the Accidental Spy Adventure Series, including GOLD TRAIN (Accidental Spy Russia Adventure), STEPFORD USA (Accidental Spy Small Town Adventure), and Green Desert (Prequel). Lada has just released a visionary fantasy/thriller, THE EARTH SHIFTER. Coming soon: EARTH KEEPERS CHRONICLES: ORIGINS (Catharsis, Lemurian Crystal, Atlantis).

The Earth Shifter by Lada Ray


A top-rated visionary fantasy/thriller set on Sacred Lake Baikal in Siberia, in Moscow and New York. Immerse yourself in global conspiracy and remote viewing, visit fantastic realms of Heaven and Earth, rub shoulders with shamans, shifters, psychic spies and Russian oligarchs. Grab onto and hold close the endearing and spectacular characters, and root for Time and Mind Shifter, Sasha, in her quest to find her destiny.

“Mankind would never know how close it came to annihilation on June 30, 1908. Somewhere in the murky depths of the Cosmos, the Comet of Karma is born. When all hope fades, it’s sent to planet Earth. It has happened before, and it can happen again, except this time, the Earth Keepers would not interfere….”

Sasha is no ordinary teenager. She is Time and Mind Shifter, yet even her mentor, famous Siberian shaman Tengis, doesn’t know how far her powers will develop when the time comes to create the Earth Shift.

The Earth Shifter is a metaphysical fantasy cleverly intertwined with true history and modern world events. Don’t look for swordfights or deadly lightning bolts; the powers described here are much more subtle, and therefore, infinitely more Earth Shifting.

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Yuun Lin’s only son, Hao, was already eight at the time the Lee twins were born. He was a good boy, respectful and helpful, but he became jealous of all the time Yuun spent with the Lee brothers. He felt neglected and when he was eighteen, he enlisted in the army. As many Chinese, he was good at science, math, and computers. He was quickly assigned to the Army Intelligence unit, which serviced the U.S. advance weapons technology. Yuun was very proud of her son, telling everyone she knew how the U.S. army trusted him with state secrets.

And that’s when disaster struck. Hao downloaded secret information and sold it to the Chinese government. At least, that’s what the U.S. government was saying. Whether it was true or not… He was accused of spying and was now in jail, awaiting trial.

Yuun felt that it was all her fault. She had neglected her baby, while spending so much time with other people’s kids. She made her son feel unwanted and unwelcome. She never saw the signs. And now it was too late. Or was it? She had to do something, she had to bargain for her son’s life. That’s what the Chinese did: they bargained. She was as good a bargainer as any of her compatriots, but what could she offer in exchange for her son’s life? She didn’t know any important foreign government secrets; she wasn’t privy to any information of that magnitude. Despite her big title—Famous Feng Shui Master—she was just a humble Chinatown merchant, with a modest income and small nest egg. She had nothing to offer in exchange for her son’s life.

But then she remembered! Yes, there was something she could offer. Something very big! In fact, something much bigger than just a mere government secret! It was the secret that affected life on Earth as we know it!

It was something she was never supposed to know. But when she was nursing Dao-ming back to health after the difficult delivery of the twins, she overheard her speak in her sleep. At first, Yuun dismissed these strange, feverish utterings of the sick woman, but after she kept hearing the words Key, karma, and the future of mankind over and over again, she started listening. That’s how she learned the secret of the Key. Dao-ming soon got better, but Yuun never mentioned to anyone what she overheard, having solemnly promised herself to take her friends’ secret with her to the grave. Yet, the circumstances changed and now she was ready to betray her best friends in order to save her son’s life.

A knock on the store’s back door made her jump. A stocky man stepped through the threshold wearing a trench coat, hat and dark shades that partially concealed his face. He took off his shades and hat to reveal a balding head with an oversized forehead and sharp eyes. Then, he hung his coat on a coat hanger in the corner, remaining in a gray jacket with white shirt, white-red-and-blue tie and an American flag pin in his lapel.

“I was expecting you, Mr. Drakley,” uttered Yuun.

“What was it that you wanted to share, Ms. Lin?” said Drakley without preamble, depositing his large body into the kitchen chair. The old chair made a pitiful screech.

“I have important information which I want to exchange for my son’s life and freedom. It is something that affects not only the United States, but life on Earth as we know it.”

Drakley scanned the surroundings skeptically. Somehow, he still doubted that this woman could have such earth-shattering information. But on the slim chance that she did, it was worth the visit.

“I can tell you all about a special person that will serve as the Key to open the new era of human civilization… in exchange for my son’s life and freedom.”

Drakley observed the Asian woman intently, trying to figure out whether this was a ploy, and whether he was dealing with another Chinese agent. His eyes drifted to Yuun’s hands. They were trembling, as her fingers nervously crumpled the hem of her red Chinese jacket. That convinced him more than anything else did that she was for real.

“I am listening,” he said.

“First, I need assurance that my son will be released.”

“Ms. Lin,” said Drakley impatiently. “If your information proves to be of value, I will do everything in my power…”

“This is not good enough!” The poor woman almost shrieked. “You have no idea what it cost me to make this step! What I had to sacrifice…” She stopped, her breathing heavy.

Drakley observed the woman with surprise. What if his assessment was incorrect and she was really losing it? What if she decided to take him hostage, if he wasn’t too cooperative? He surreptitiously felt for his gun.

Should she make the wrong move, I’ll shoot her, he decided. But that was his very last option. He’d only do it if there were no alternative left. He would much prefer to leave here discretely, and without any unnecessary complications. Besides, if she really knew something about the Key, then this woman was invaluable; therefore, he needed to appease her. It was imperative to find out whatever he could. The Society knew miserably little about this subject of utmost importance.

He took a steadying breath and said in the most calming tone he could muster, “Please understand, Ms. Lin, I cannot guarantee anything until I know that you really have the goods.”

“No,” stubbornly repeated Yuun. “I will not tell you anything until you promise me that my son is safe.”

“Fine,” said Drakley, shrugging his shoulders. “I promise. Your son will be safe, if your information proves valuable.” He made this verbal promise lightly.

“No,” Yuun shook her head. “Not like that.” She took out a clean sheet of paper and pen.

“Write: I, Assistant Director of the CIA, Aloysius Drakley, guarantee that Hao Lin will be exonerated from all charges of espionage against him and set free in exchange for the valuable information provided by Yuun Lin.”

Drakley wrote everything down obediently, but in the end, instead of: “in exchange for the valuable information provided by Yuun Lin,” he put down: “if the information provided by Yuun Lin proves valuable enough to warrant such actions.”

“Look, Ms. Lin,” he said in his most soothing voice. “I want to work with you, I really do. But you have to understand my position. I can’t just promise something like this out of the blue. This is a matter of American National Security! I can’t throw around such promises. I have to be sure first that the information is really worth it.”

“Trust me, it is.” Yuun carefully folded the piece of paper containing the promise of her son’s life. She opened a Chinese box with painted dragons on the lid, which was displayed on the nearby shelf, and hid the paper inside. She closed the box, which made a very distinct clicking sound as it locked in place.

Drakley observed her movements with avid interest. If need be, later he could always raid the place and retrieve this compromising piece of paper. But for now, he wanted his information. That’s what he came for. He had to make this woman trust him.

“Fair enough,” he said soothingly. “And now, why don’t you start from the beginning, Ms. Lin.”

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