Word Meanings

Sometimes we use words thinking we know their meaning, but in fact, we are saying something we don’t intend to say.

Here are some words many people confuse and misuse without knowing it.


If something is sickening or offensive, especially to the taste or smell, it is nauseous.

But if you feel like you might throw up, you probably feel nauseated (affected by nausea). If you say you are nauseous, you are really saying that you are a person who smells or tastes unpleasant. So be careful to say you are nauseated.


Here are two words that are misused a lot these days, probably because there is so much false information out there today. So what’s the difference? Well, misinformation is false information, that is unwittingly spread. Disinformation is the dissembling of misinformation, knowingly, with the intent to mislead others.


Both words come from “continue.” Continual starts and stops (like people who are continually arguing), but continuous is never-ending, like the rain in the Pacific Northwest (just kidding).

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8 thoughts on “Word Meanings

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  2. They’re a bit obscure, those words; not used very often. It goes to show though, that English is not such an easy language to use properly. Just think about the spelling nightmare, never mind the correct usage.


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