A Father for Bella

I’m pleased to devote this post to Jill Weatherholt and her novel which I have just read.

Jill hard at work with her writing

Jill Weatherholt’s romance novel, “A Father for Bella” is something different from the usual romance. The relationship between Joshua Carlson and the little girl, Bella, is truly touching. The love story between Bella’s mother and Joshua is almost secondary.

The book has Christian content, and although I would have preferred not to have it as a part of the package, it was little enough that it didn’t bother me to read it. Others may be glad of that aspect of the writing. To each, his own.

Bella is almost six years old and already she has a personality that is so endearing that you want everything to work out the way she wants – and all she wants is a father to love her and to be there for her. When Joshua stumbles into the lives of Bella and her mother, Faith, we want things to work out for them, for Bella’s sake. But the obstacles are great. Their goals are so different.

“A Father for Bella” is a heartwarming story that is not without its twists and turns. Emotions are at play throughout the novel and these carry the reader through to the end. The relationship between Bella and Joshua is very touching, but will it be enough to become more than casual? Read it and find out.

You can find out more about Jill and her books on her website: http://jillweatherholt.com/jills-books/


13 thoughts on “A Father for Bella

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  2. Great review of a sweet and tender book. I’m not a “Christian” reader either, Anneli, but I felt that this was a part of the personality/individuality of the main characters and helped describe their actions and thoughts. Well done, all around.

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    • Thank you for that thoughtful comment, Pam. I had to remember when I reviewed it, that just because I’m not into the Christian aspect of it, that should not affect what I think about the book. I once had someone give me four stars for my book when she said she wanted to give me five, but she couldn’t because The Wind Weeps had domestic abuse in it and the reviewer had been abused. Where is the logic in that?! I didn’t want to make that same mistake.

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      • Yes, that’s how I feel. I need to balance what I ‘look for’ in a book and what the author gave me. Maybe not a philosophy I’m ‘into,’ but on the other hand, another way of looking at things. About the ‘abuse’ review, that drives me crazy. I’ve read reviews of wonderful books in which reviewers give one star because a character is ‘mean’ or ‘racist.’ My lord, if we don’t portray bad characters, how are we supposed to portray life? ;-0

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  3. Pam, I love the way you’ve expressed this dilemma we authors live with in terms of reviews we receive and those we may write. I suppose if we wanted five stars we would have to write only about perfect characters, but that would be pretty boring and far from a portrayal of reality (even fiction needs to be based on reality – unless it’s fantasy). Thanks for adding your most valued opinion.


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