Writing Contest Results


I’m happy to say I had a good response to the writing contest. The challenge was to write up to 300 words to go with this photo.

Congratulations to all who sent in their stories.  It was hard to choose the winners and in the end I had to choose four stories instead of only three. I had help from an unbiased judge and after discussing the merits and critiquing of each entry, I went with that person’s choices.

I will be posting these stories in the next days, and will be making arrangements for those winners to claim their free e-book.

Thank you to all who sent their entries to the contest. It’s great practice for your writing and I enjoyed reading your stories. Please try again in another contest that I hope to hold soon.

The winners, in alphabetical order, are Barbara Breese, Angela Noel, and Pam Wight. Honourable mention goes to Joanna Gawn. You can read their stories on this blog over the next days.

In the short story I was looking for a beginning, middle, and end. A hook to get me interested in the beginning and a tidy wrap-up at the end was another thing I looked for. At the end, there might be a twist, but it had to be something that the reader could relate to – something that would help them imagine what probably happened next. If you put in a twist or surprise at the end and it comes out of the blue with nothing to relate it to, it won’t do the trick.

I like to see a clean manuscript but sometimes a typo can creep in so I wasn’t too judgmental about that, but I was critical about common grammar mistakes and correct word usage. For example, a writer should know the difference between it’s and its, and your and you’re, and know when to use each one. Run-on sentences don’t make me happy, even after allowing for poetic licence.

The stories I have chosen held my interest and they met the criteria I have outlined in the previous paragraph.

I hope you enjoy reading the stories of the winners.


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