Dance When the Brain Says No

This is Leslie Doyle, math whiz, poet, creative seamstress, beautiful young woman, and daughter of my friend, Kathleen Price.

Leslie 1984

Leslie [1] 1984

Leslie 1983

My guest today is Kathleen Price.She taught human development and family studies courses in Prescott, Arizona, while also maintaining a private practice in marriage and family therapy. She authored the course manuals that were used in a community parent education program. Kathleen lives in Salt Lake City now, retired from teaching, but still writing and publishing.

I’ve asked her to tell us about her book and how it came to be published.

Welcome, Kathleen.


During my daughter’s illness, I kept a journal as a way to sort out and put words to my feelings. After Leslie died I knew that someday I would write a book about her, so I began putting down other memories I hadn’t yet recorded about her childhood and adolescence, and that became a way of resolving my grief.  Once I retired twenty years later, with greater objectivity about that experience, I returned to all those writings and began to put them in some logical and coherent order. That became the memoir that I published in 2009—Dance When the Brain Says No. 

Front Cover

This is a story you just have to read.

Find it at:


6 thoughts on “Dance When the Brain Says No

  1. Thanks, Darlene. I like the way this book is written, as a tribute to Leslie’s great attitude. You always hear that people fight cancer courageously. This is a firsthand look at how a young person comes up with such courage. She was amazing, and the world is a poorer place without her.


  2. Hello Anneli,

    I am a very old friend of Leslie and her family ( her best friend in elementary – jr. high ). I am so happy to have run across your post about Kathleen as I have been trying to contact her for quite some. If you could pass my information to Kathleen I would truly appreciate it! I just ordered the book on Amazon and look forward to reading about the wildly brilliant friend I once knew. Thank you!


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