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How did I ever get started writing a book? What made me think I could do it? Now that I’ve done it several times, how do I feel about it?

I honestly don’t know why I wrote a book. I love writing, but mostly my writing involved short stories that evolved from sending emails to friends telling them about  funny things that happened to me on outings like trout fishing or mushroom picking.

I suppose the stories got longer and longer until one day I had to tell the story of a woman who lived in a remote cabin with a man who turned out to be mentally unstable. He was like the little girl with the curl, right in the middle of her forehead — remember that poem?) Like her, “when he was good, he was very, very good, but when he was bad, he was horrid.”

This woman and her captor had a story to tell, so I thought, Why not? I could tell this story.

That was when my education began, about how to write a novel. It was so much more complicated than just dashing off a magazine article or a blog post. So much  to learn.

I was lucky. I joined the local writers group, found a good friend and author, Darlene Jones, who became my best ever writing buddy and critiquer, and another good writer friend, Kathleen Price, who is a great substantive editor and understands how to prepare a novel for the paperback layout.

With the help of these two good writer-friends, and a supportive husband who has all the commercial fishing background to fill in the gaps in the setting of my coastal story and check it for accuracy, I was able to write The Wind Weeps.

When I got to the end of the book, I had a dilemma. I couldn’t decide which of the eight possible endings to use. Each one left some readers unhappy. No way could I please everyone.

There was only one solution. Write the ending that I liked, and then write a sequel. In a few weeks that  sequel should be available to readers. I’m so glad because it has been a long, hard journey to get it there. Between The Wind Weeps and its sequel, I wrote two other novels (Orion’s Gift and Julia’s Violinist). But get ready, Reckoning Tide is coming your way soon.

You can find my books on amazon.com and on smashwords.com

Please leave a comment and tell us how you got started in writing.

16 thoughts on “Writing a Book

  1. I got started writing by taking on a weekly word challenge, six given words woven into a story. At first I just wrote a paragraph, using the words in a way that made sense, but that soon evolved into telling a longer story and now each week I write several paragraphs and sometimes they carry on from the week before. I haven’t actually written any books, nor have I had any shorter pieces published in magazines.

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  2. “Please leave a comment and tell us how you got started in writing.”…. I wish I knew… I started writing articles on street articles (http://www.streetarticles.com/dashboard) to get my writing up to a standard where I could communicate with others, mainly for our impending software package… it did not take long for me to gather a good following and the comments seemed to pour in. What did I write about ?? All sorts, and some how I ended as top author for 3 months, this is not based on good writing as I’m sure you can attest to, but to reads, comments and variety… This got me thinking I might just be able to write about my early life and later, which I have now done… do I have another book in me? It certainly does not feel like it…

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  3. Well you know a bit about how I started writing, Anneli, as we told some of our story here on your blog. 😛
    I personally found writing the second book in a series much harder than writing the first. Maybe that’s always the way?
    I’m glad to hear there’s a sequel to The Wind Weeps (as I stated in my review) as I need to know what happens next! 🙂
    Congrats on getting the fourth novel under your belt. 🙂

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  4. I agree. Some stories stick in my head and need to be told. If for no other reason, just to clear my head, but as soon as my head is empty, more stories come. I write science fiction and fantasy.

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