The Wind Weeps

Mad Song (excerpt)

by William Blake

The wild winds weep,

And the night is a-cold;

Come hither, Sleep,

And my griefs unfold.

How did Andrea’s life become so hopeless and full of grief that the crying of the wind sounded like it could be the theme music for the movie of her new lot in life?

In a remote cabin on the rugged coast of British Columbia, Andrea, a pretty and vibrant young woman, seeks escape from the man she has married. He was so handsome, persuasive, and charming. He promised to love her forever–and he will–“till death do us part.”

Her friends are far away in the town she and her husband left behind. They haven’t heard from her in a long while…. No Internet, no phone, no mail. They assume she’s happy.

How were they to know? It all seemed so idyllic at first.


But then, Andrea is too remote for contact with them. Almost forgotten.


And all the while, she is fighting for her survival against huge odds.

The Wind Weeps

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9 thoughts on “The Wind Weeps

  1. Thanks, Darlene. I tried to keep the fishing part incidental to the main story, so you don’t have to know about fishing to enjoy the story. But if you like boating, you might find it a fascinating bonus to have the setting on the coast.


  2. You really caught my attention here! It sounds great. When are you having a $1.99 sale for paperback :)? Well, even if you’re not, I will end up reading this book any way, Anneli!


    • Believe me, Luanne, I would love to offer the paperback at that price, but it’s at the lowest possible price now, by the time I pay for the printing and tax, and other expenses. The e-books are a great way to read books without staggering costs, but I understand that some people like the feel of a real book in their hands (I do too).


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