Love is More than Valentine Cards

Visiting us today on the Valentine’s Day countdown is author Chris Longmuir. She lives in Scotland where she writes crime novels that will grip you on page one and not let you go until your read “The End.”

With a different outlook on Valentine’s Day,  Chris shares her thoughts on love.

Chris Longmuir

Love is more than Valentine Cards

My husband did not send valentine cards, nor did he indulge in any of the romantic stuff so prevalent in love stories. He would have given me flowers, but he said I didn’t appreciate them, and he was right. But I didn’t need any of those things to know he loved me.

He was always there for me. He would have done anything for me. He was my support and my biggest fan. He thought I was the best thing that ever walked on two legs. And I miss that.

 You see I lost him in 2005, and I still feel the pain. So on Valentine’s Day I’ll visit him with flowers, because even though I didn’t appreciate them, he did.


Dundee Crime Series 2


9 thoughts on “Love is More than Valentine Cards

  1. Now this sounds more like me… I’m so sorry to hear she has lost her life companion… he sounded a great guy… Love the wedding photo… great looking couple…
    Ok now I’m off back to work… (editing)..


  2. The comment that’s gone whizzing about in cyberspace was about something else I miss. You see he always acted Santa Claus at Christmas, and I always woke up to find Santa had been. I miss Santa too!


    • There are going to be a lot of things you miss. That’s the downside of traditions and rituals. When they change, we really notice it. But we just have to be flexible and start new, different routines.


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