Lady in Red

Continuing the Valentine’s Day countdown is British author Caroline James.

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What loves means… this experience certainly reminded me!

Many years ago I ran a country house hotel, where Valentine’s night was a main date in the calendar and preparations were made with great care to set the mood. I’d been divorced for almost a year and was still reeling, men were simply not in my periphery and I immersed myself in work. On the great day a small package, addressed to me, arrived in the post. Inside, a card signed with a kiss and a music tape by Chris de Burgh, fell out of the wrapping. When I played the tape, I realised it was set for a particular song – Lady in Red. The staff seemed amused, I had an admirer! But I was perplexed as I had no idea who it might be.  The day progressed with still no clues to the mystery mail and eventually I went to get changed for the evening. Staring at the line of dresses in my wardrobe, I chose a red one – well, it was Valentine’s Day after all.

I braced myself for the evening ahead and hurried to begin work. As I walked into the bar, a song began to play and I heard Chris de Burgh sing, ‘Lady in Red, is dancing with me…’I was totally flummoxed and looked anxiously around the candlelit room, where couples were sipping champagne. A gorgeous looking man sat at the bar and smiled. He raised his glass then walked towards me and I recognised him as a guest from a couple of weeks before.

“Care to dance?” he asked and led me away from the bar to the moonlit conservatory overlooking the garden. As I danced with the handsome stranger the pain of my divorce evaporated and the rest, as they say, is history… well possibly another book!

Happy Valentine’s Day lovely people, hope yours is a special as mine was all those years ago. xx


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Caroline is the author of bestselling romantic comedies, Coffee, Tea, the Gypsy & Me and So, You Think You’re A Celebrity…Chef?  Today, she lives in Cheshire and spends her time writing, climbing mountains, and running a hospitality business. More details can be found on her website  

Red rose on the vinous silk