What Love Means

Bonnie Trachtenberg loves cats. For this reason and many others, she’s always welcome on my blog. Here she is sharing her views on love for our Valentine’s Day countdown.

Me sitting on rock at beach

What love means to me…

My husband has never bought me flowers. He knows the cats will eat them and throw up. He doesn’t buy me candy—until I take him once a year to Godiva so I can pick out all the chocolates I like, and not waste calories on the others. He has never planned a surprise event for me, whether on my birthday or at any other time, or picked out jewelry to gift me with. He knows I have specific tastes and he doesn’t want to disappoint me. I make the social plans, the dinner reservations, and happily pick out my own gems, sometimes with him by my side.

But let me tell you a few of the things he has done…

My husband built a house in our yard for our stray cats with insulation, cat doors, windows, window seats, cozy beds, and heat, so I don’t worry about them all winter. When he thought his son was extremely allergic to my indoor cat, he built us a beautiful addition to our home so that my cat and I could have a luxurious, spacious place to be when his son came over. He gave me one of my favorite gifts of all time: a portable back scratcher that fits in my purse, for those annoying, hard-to-reach itches I always seem to get. He is appreciative if I simply heat up a frozen dinner for him and will joke, “You outdid yourself.” He has learned to watch old black and white movies with me and even enjoy them. My husband knows my idiosyncrasies and loves me in spite of them. He hugs me and tells me he loves me every day. He is my best friend, my greatest admirer, my biggest fan, and the only man who ever really “got” me—and I wouldn’t trade him for all the flowers and candy in the world.

Bonnie is the author of the bestselling, multi-award winning romantic comedies Wedlocked and Neurotically Yours. She is also the author of the humor/satire book The Fine Art of Delusional Thinking. She lives in New York with her husband, four cats, and a dog.


Learn much more about Bonnie at her website: www.BonnieTrachtenberg.com

16 thoughts on “What Love Means

  1. Wow what a testament to a perfect husband… now I’m analysing my own practices at home, would Linda write something like this?? I damn well hope so…. lovely share…


  2. Thanks so much for your thoughtful comments everyone. And thank you, Anneli, for having me on your lovely blog! Yes, I am a lucky woman, and after years “out there” in the dating world, I appreciate every bit of it. Happy Valentine’s Day to all! xx


  3. I love your thoughts. I have had the honor to see The Cat Enclave that your husband built.
    When I saw it I was struck with emotion as you could feel the depth of the heart of the people who have such a structure at their home. Wishing you and Mitchell a wonderful Valentine’s Day.


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