Valentine’s Day countdown continues with today’s guest, Darlene Jones, the fabulous author on the camel.


Love is chocolate and family or, if you prefer, family and chocolate.


Bernard Callebaut Chocolates

Some years ago we got a new puppy from the SPCA. This was just after our children had moved out of the house and we were young and carefree again—like newlyweds. As Bill Cosby said we were able to make love out loud again. Only we weren’t. Just as we celebrated Valentine’s Day the best way we knew how, the new puppy began to whine and cry outside our bedroom door. We burst out laughing and as you can imagine that kiboshed any romance for that night.


A bit about me – I used to live in Mali and my experiences there were the inspiration for my Em and Yves series. Who wouldn’t want to wield a magic wand to make life better? I can’t, but my heroine can.