The Car Thief

This is an old post that few people have seen, so I thought I’d re-blog it:


“The car sure is nicer to drive than my truck.” Jeanie relaxed into the velour seat back. “It’s like a luxury limousine.”

Her mother-in-law, Mae, smiled. “Edgar loves his car. Keeps it in good condition.”

“He’s a real car buff, isn’t he?”

“Oh, yes. Always has been. Ever since we were married, sixty-one years ago,” said Mae. “He’s very fussy about his cars.”

“I’m surprised he let me drive it. But I guess he wants you to be comfortable .”

“That’s right. Now don’t take this the wrong way, but Edgar thinks ladies shouldn’t have to ride in trucks, and I know you don’t have a choice.  But it is a long drive to Nanaimo and he thought we’d enjoy it more if we took his car.”

“It’s a treat to drive a car for a change. Feels like we’re floating along in a dream.” Jeanie was pleased that Edgar trusted her to drive it. He had it all shined up on the outside and vacuumed inside. “You wouldn’t know it was ten years old. You still see lots of them around but not many in good shape like this one. It’s like a brand new car.”

“He spent hours on it yesterday,” Mae said.

“It’s our lucky day. Parking spot right by the door. Doesn’t look too busy yet either,” Jeanie said as she looked through the large plate glass window of their favorite bakery.

Lunch was delicious as always, and half an hour later, Jeanie and Mae came out of the bakery loaded down with bags of rye bread and buns.

“Hope I can still fit into some clothes after that lunch. Where would you like to shop first, Mae?”

“You lead the way. You always find good quality places to shop.”

“Hang on a sec,” Jeanie said. “Here. Can you hold the bread while I get the door for you?”  She fished Edgar’s keys out of her purse. “I know one of these is for unlocking and the other is for starting the car,” she mumbled to herself as she fit one of the keys into the lock.

The door wouldn’t open. Mae stood by the car waiting patiently.

“Must be the other key. Don’t worry. I’ll have it open in a sec.” Jeanie flipped the keychain around and tried the second key. It too, was sticky going into the lock. “Maybe I had it upside down.” She turned it and again jiggled it in the lock. No luck. “That’s funny.…”

“Jeanie. What does that man want?” Mae pointed at the bakery window.

A middle-aged man inside the bakery leaned over the bench seat and banged on the window with the palm of his hand.

“I don’t know but he looks mad at us.  Why’s he pointing at the car?” Jeanie looked up at him with a puzzled frown.

“Now he’s pointing at himself,” Mae said.

Jeanie looked at Edgar’s keys, then at the angry man at the window. He was still pointing at the car and at himself. Jeanie turned to look at Mae and that’s when she saw it. Parked next to the vehicle she was trying to enter—Edgar’s car.

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