Christmas Interview – Patricia Sands

I managed to find Patricia not traveling in France, long enough to answer a few questions about her Christmas traditions. Welcome, Patricia.


1. Do you celebrate Christmas?

Always and with great gusto!

2. What are your thoughts on gift giving?

I love giving gifts more than receiving. The joy has always been watching our children and now grandchlldren revel in the excitement and wonder of this time of year.


3What was the most fun activity you’ve done at Christmas?

Skiing at Whistler with our family.

4. Do you have stockings either at Christmas, or on St. Nicholas Day?

Once children came along, the stockings were just for them.

5. What was the best homemade gift you ever received?

Drawings from our grandchildren.

 6. Have you ever given a homemade gift? Tell about it.

Every year I give all of our children tins of shortbread made from their great-grandmother’s recipe.

7. What would you change about Christmas?

I would want to make “peace on earth” a truism.

 8. What would you keep the same if you could?

Have a white Christmas every year.

9. What is your favourite Christmas music or song?

English cathedral choirs singing carols.

10.  What do you like best about Christmas?



 Patricia is the author of two novels:


The Promise of Provence amazon link

TBC Kindle cover


11 thoughts on “Christmas Interview – Patricia Sands

  1. Thanks for inviting me to join in the spirit here, Anneli! For a change, I was quite concise with my responses instead of blathering on like I often do. The truth of the matter is that my feelings about Christmas are plain and simple. I love all the traditions and the basic philosophy of peace on earth, goodwill toward men. Every year I hope yet again that this will come to pass. In the meantime though, I still believe in Santa!


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