Writing Styles – Part 11 – Embroiled

Embroiled is the last of a series of four novels about an amazing woman. You’ve met her as Em, or Miracle Madame in Embattled. She was Jasmine in Empowered, and Abby in Embraced. Em’s latest reincarnation will have you turning pages to find out why she is so obsessed with getting out of this world. No, she doesn’t want to die, but something or someone is drawing her like a magnet and she is finding the pull hard to resist.

IMG_1077Author Darlene Jones will share with us some snippets of her setting, character, and a scene ending from this amazing novel.


 CHARACTER: Hypnosis! Emily slammed a pot on the counter. She hated cooking, but she had to eat. She didn’t need hypnosis. She remembered it all. Every single damn obsession.

SETTING: “I’m driving home from the conference when the slough catches my eye. I’m mesmerized by the damn thing. I feel an insane urge to walk on the thin fall ice, to explore the fishing holes, to lie spread-eagled to distribute my weight. I know full well I’ll break through and drown, but I’ll be warm and taken care of. What I find down there will make it worthwhile.” Emily felt her chest tighten. Each time she came to David’s office, each time she spoke of her greatest fears, she felt the strings to sanity loosening. Am I crazy, Doc?

SCENE ENDING SENTENCE: What is holding you back from loving and being loved?”

Emily sucked in air. “Whatever is under that ice,” she whispered. “That’s what.”

 ?????????????????????????????????????????????For more information about this fascinating series, please visit Darlene Jones’ webpage:


2 thoughts on “Writing Styles – Part 11 – Embroiled

    • It’s a great series, very well written. I’m not usually a science fiction fan, but this set is very Earth based and it makes a really good story. You can read any of them independently or start at the beginning and read all four books.


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