Writing Styles – Part 8

My guest on Writing Styles – Part 8 is author Darlene Jones.


You’ve seen her here before, and you’ll see her again, because she has written four novels. I love Em, her “wonder woman” character, in “Embattled.” In “Empowered,” Em is reincarnated as Jasmine, a character most women would envy.

 Here is a character description of Jasmine, followed by the setting of one of the scenes from “Empowered,” and a scene ending. You’ll see that Darlene Jones can paint a picture with words. 

CHARACTER: “Ooh, you’re cute,” she cooed. He had the feeling she’d been lying in wait for this moment. Her tone was low and neutral, but loud enough to catch everyone’s attention. Phone conversations were cut short, receivers cradled, papers shuffled and set aside, and keyboards left idle. Jasmine spoke again, this time with a sarcastic bite, “My new babysitter. Lucky me.”

SETTING: Nick sensed the rise in tension and knew that all eyes were on him. Sure of a telltale flush creeping up from under his collar, he decided to brazen it out. They would talk about him anyway, this inner circle, the top dogs of Berdin Corp who toiled up here in the rarefied air of the penthouse floor.

 SCENE ENDING SENTENCE: Great way to start your new job, buddy. Subject of your undying bodyguarding devotion wants no part of you.

Empower jpeg

Find out more about Darlene Jones and her novels on her website  www.emandyves.com

Her books are available on amazon.com and smashwords.com

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