Writing Styles – Part 4

My guest today is Miriam Wakerly. She has written several novels and will apply the rules to three of them here today. The challenge was to choose a few sentences to describe a main character and the setting of the novel. Then to show us a clincher used to end a chapter or section of the book.

Welcome Miriam!


Thank you Anneli for inviting me to your wonderful Place! I have chosen short excerpts from all three of my books that are not in the opening chapters, as anyone can peep inside on Amazon to see the first few pages. I hope they whet your appetite!

The character of Lena is taken from Gypsies Stop tHere:


CHARACTER:  The older face belonged to a girl, a teenager Kay guessed, who removed the brown and red scarf she had wound round her head and neck. A mane of curly, golden locks tumbled out onto her shoulders, wide eyes like polished chestnuts darting around, as if she was looking for a way out, a quick escape route.

The setting is a description of Jackson’s house, from Shades of Appley Green:

appleycover (2)

SETTING:  Faith’s jaw dropped when she saw The Hideaway with its geometry of split-level storeys and enormous windows that overlooked a vast tangle of garden. Her gaze seemed able to cut through the veil of purplish-green vegetation; dense wisteria draping the wall, with variegated ivy winding its way searchingly through it, sweet scented lilac bushes and clumps of hazy lavender competing for attention by the front porch. Minimalist it was no longer.

Lastly, the end of chapter, from No Gypsies Served:


SENTENCE(S) ENDING SCENE: Dunstan closed his eyes as tears stung them, bitterness burning inside him. His hand formed a fist as if of its own will and thumped his desk hard. He took another slug of whisky, scarcely aware of its heat as it slipped down his throat.

Miriam’s Ramblings:   http://www.miriamwakerly.blogspot.co.uk/

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