Checkered Flag Event

Today’s guest may be familiar to you, but did you know she has just crossed a milestone finish line?

checkered flag

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Darlene Jones has finished the fourth and final novel of her “Em and Yves Series.”

Embroiled promises to keep you turning pages right until the end.


Many years ago a young girl left the safety of Canada for adventure in Africa. This was in a generation when young girls didn’t go anywhere on their own and certainly not to the “the dark continent.”

I was that young girl and going to Mali demanded that I adapt to the climate, the culture, and the languages.

But above all, I had to adapt to time travel, for most Malians lived the way they always had. Modern conveniences consisted of basic items such as kerosene lanterns and little else.

I brought home with me a love for Mali, the Sahara, and Malians that burns as brightly now as it did then.

It was the plight of Malians that inspired my novel series. Since I couldn’t wave a magic wand to make life better in Mali, I chose to do that fictitiously. I wrote my books to entertain, but also with the hope that readers would see the world in a broader perspective. I hope that doesn’t make my books sound preachy, because they’re not intended to be, but I don’t think I could have written them in any other way, given my experiences in Mali. The wide warm smiles of Malians stay with me always. I hope that warmth and positive outlook is conveyed in my stories.




Yves has taken Emily up to his world—a world of gods and Powers and people rescued from doomed planets. He has given her 100 days in Earth time to decide if she wants to stay with him or go back to Earth.

Faced with the dilemma of having to make this decision, Emily takes refuge in the antiquities room of the library where she finds odds and ends from Earth, objects that both ease and increase the sorrow of her painful decision. Among the Earth things, she finds a beautiful dress. She doesn’t know this is the dress Yves gave her in her first life.

Emily is wearing the dress when she encounters Algar, the Power most disapproving of her presence in their world.


“Sky! Not you again.”

Emily jumped and swept her gaze around the chamber. Lord help me. Algar! Nothing she could do now, but face him head on.

“What is that … that … abomination you’re wearing?”

Emily looked down at her dress. “You mean this?” Of all the times to be wearing her special dress…. Yves had planned a private dinner for them tonight. She’d worn the dress for him because he liked it so much and because she felt so amazing in it. For Algar to see her in it was beyond bearing.

“You are indecent. You must be detained. Immediately.” Algar reached for her. “Guard! Guard!”

Emily’s courage deserted her. She gathered up her skirts to run. Sparks of light flew off the dress. Algar cried out and staggered back. Emily froze. Good God, the dress had assaulted him. Algar had raised his hands to protect his face. Emily gave her skirt a little shake. More sparks flew. One must have landed on Algar’s face, because he muttered an oath and scrabbled at his cheek with his fingers as if trying to get something off his skin. Another shake of the skirt and more sparks flew, these ones leaving tiny singe marks all over his tunic until it looked like a grotesque parody of a fifties polka dot dress.

“Guard!” Algar bellowed. Two troopers appeared at the entrance. She shook the skirt again. They too, fell back as sparks flew at them. Emily didn’t wait to see what would happen next. She ran.


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Find out more about Darlene Jones and her books on her author page at and on her webpage.

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