Writing Styles – Part 3

Continued from Writing Styles – Part 3

Writers all have different ways of conveying meaning to their readers. In this post I’ve asked authors to provide short excerpts with examples of how they’ve developed description of a character and a setting. A third challenge was to provide a sentence or two showing their favourite ending to a scene.

Today’s first guest is Emma Calin.


KNOCKOUT! A Passionate Police Romance by Emma Calin

1. Character:

He smiled again, showing even white teeth behind the full wide lips that pouted forward as he spoke in such a way that just possibly he really was French.

Sitting opposite him, she could take in the full presence of this stranger. It was as if he transmitted a force – an aura of danger and a sardonic humorous innocence. She attempted to re-assert her normal senses – her ability to appraise a man, threat or situation in the blink of an eye – a skill she had honed on the streets of South London – in a world of gangs, drugs and murder. And yet – here she was, tripping over the bags that some stupid girl had left in the entrance to her brain.

2. Setting:

She drove down to the beach and looked out at the azure, turquoise and aquamarine cocktail of the Pacific Ocean. Waves split into pure white fragments against an offshore rock. The beautiful loneliness of the scene mirrored her feelings of desolation. The rollers finished their journey pounding their force against the uncaring sand. She laid her head back and let a wave of fantasy break over her as he kissed her lips and moved inside her. For a few seconds he was there again in her heart but too soon the image washed away leaving only the call of gulls and the trickle of her desperate tears.


3. Scene Ending:

The great River Seine rippled and pushed on to the sea as the sun tiptoed the back stairs of the world climbing towards dawn across Paris, maybe the morning light would never uncover two lovers hiding within the protection of each other’s arms….

 Knockout 2013 rationalised


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And now, let’s welcome Nicky Wells.

Author - Nicky Wells

Author – Nicky Wells

1. CHARACTERS—This little excerpt neatly contains the essence of all main characters in Sophie’s Turn; Dan, the rock star; Sophie, the eponymous heroine; her fiancé, Tim; and her best friend, Rachel:

Shh!” I admonished. “Will you keep your voice down? What are you talking about?”

“Dan is completely besotted with you, and he said he couldn’t bear the thought of you getting engaged to Tim so he had to…hic…come and check him out…hic!” Oh God, she had the hiccups. She would have to spend the night in the guest room. Once Rachel got the hiccups, she was beyond salvation. I gave her twenty minutes before she collapsed. I had to extract critical information fast.

“Why did you introduce him to Tim?” I continued my interrogation. “Couldn’t you have sent him away?”

Oh no, Sophie. I couldn’t turn this lovely, heartbroken man away.” She looked at me with big, innocent, and totally unfocused eyes. “In fact, we were just looking for you. You seemed to have… hic… hic… hic…disapp-hic-eared.”

“What did you say to Tim about who Dan was?” I needed to know.

“That he was Dan, of course. Your boy-hic-friend from Tuscq!” She dropped this bombshell completely nonchalantly.

“You what?” I squeaked. “Please tell me you’re joking.”

No, I’m s-hic-erious! Ti-hic-im thought it was very funny. Hic.”


This excerpt from the opening pages of Sophie’s Run sets the scene for Sophie’s amazing exile:

While I waited for the ferry to finish docking, I drank in every detail of my chosen exile. The calm sea with little white-crested waves lapping gently against the quay. The green and white of the sandy dunes standing stark and fresh against the wide-open, deep-blue sky. The tiny harbor with only a handful of buildings and a few fishing boats bobbing on the incoming tide. Seagulls wheeling overhead, their mournful cries carrying on the gentle breeze, augmenting my sense of emptiness, newness. Fresh, clean, salty air. I took another deep breath, feeling calmer already.


Adrenaline sloshed through my body in a rush of great excitement. This was it.

Music. Did I want music?

I flapped about a bit, shuffling through the few CDs I had brought and eventually deciding on my new Eighties compilation CD. No sooner had the first song started than there was a tentative knock. I did a final check; everything was ready.

I went to open the door.



Nicky Wells is your ultimate rock chick author. Signed to US Publisher, Sapphire Star Publishing, Nicky writes Romance That Rocks Your World, featuring the rock star and the girl next door.

Nicky’s books offer glitzy, glamorous contemporary romance with a rock theme ~ imagine Bridget Jones ROCKS Notting Hill!

Born in Germany, Nicky moved to the United Kingdom in 1993 and currently lives in Lincoln. In a previous professional life, Nicky worked as a researcher and project manager for an international Human Resources research firm based in London and Washington, D.C. Like her leading lady, Sophie, Nicky loves listening to rock music, dancing, and eating lobsters. When she’s not writing, she’s a wife, mother, and occasional teaching assistant. Rock on!

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Victoria Day Weekend

Since it is Victoria Day weekend, I thought it would be fitting to post an excerpt from my third novel, “Julia’s Violinist,” that relates directly to that weekend. The setting is Nanaimo in the 1960s and the Victoria Day parade is about to begin.

EXCERPT from “Julia’s Violinist”

The family had decided to walk the two blocks to town and find a place to watch the Victoria Day parade. Karl had the little ones by the hand, as usual giving most of his attention to Reinhard and barely looking at Rosalie. I suppose I can’t expect anything else from him. As always, Julia’s stomach burned with worry for her neglected daughter.

Juergen swaggered out the door with his hands in his pockets. Almost fifteen he was beginning to give orders more often and take them less. “Come on, Mutti! The parade is going to start in a few minutes.”

“Yes, Juergen. Just hold on a minute. I have to find the right key to lock the door.” Julia fumbled in her purse. Lena tapped her foot and waited for her mother.

“We’ll go ahead and you can catch up.” Juergen jumped down the four steps to the sidewalk and ran to catch up to Karl, Reinhard, and Rosalie.

A roar followed by an explosive blast shook the door and windows of the house. Julia felt the blood draining out of her face. She looked at her children. Yes, they were all right. But the bomb? What happened?

“Wow! Mutti! Did you see the jets? That must be because of the parade,” Lena said. “Mutti? What’s wrong? You’re crying! What is it?”

Julia ran into the house and threw herself sobbing onto the couch. Lena sat down and put an arm around her mother. “What’s wrong?”

“Oh.…” Julia took a deep breath and choked back another sob. “For a second I was right back in the war. I thought we were getting bombed.”

“Oh, Mutti.” Lena gave her mother a hug. “It must have been terrible.”

“You can’t imagine how terrible,” Julia said, “but I’m thankful that you can’t. I hope you never find out how terrible war is.”

“Try not to think about it now.” Lena patted her back. “Let’s go to the parade and everything will be fine again.”

“I think I need a drink of water first.” Julia clutched at her chest. “I feel like I swallowed a rock.”

“You do look a bit grey. I’ll get you that water.”

The door flew open and Juergen stuck his head in. “Come on. Are you guys coming? Let’s go. Did you see those Voodoo jets? Wow! Hey, what’s wrong?”

“Nothing, Juergen. Mutti needs to catch her breath for a minute. Thought you’d gone on? You go tell the others we’ll be there in a few minutes, okay?” Lena ran to get the glass of water.

Julia writhed and twisted her upper body to try to rid herself of the pain that was creeping up her chest to her throat. It would pass. It always did.

Front Cover  jpg (1)(2)

Julia’s Violinist is available in Courtenay at Laughing Oyster Book Shop, in Comox at Blue Heron Books, and in Bowser at the Salish Sea Market.

Farther afield, you can find it in paperback or e-book at amazon outlets and at smashwords.com.

Amazon.com http://ow.ly/laD8T 

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Anneli’s website has all the particulars as well as photos and reviews. www.anneli-purchase.com

Writing Styles – Part 2

Continued from Writing Styles – Part 1

Writers all have different ways of conveying meaning to their readers. In this post I’ve asked authors to provide short excerpts with examples of how they’ve developed description of a character and a setting. A third challenge was to provide a sentence or two showing their favourite ending to a scene.

My first guest today is Darlene Jones with excerpts from her novel “Embattled.”


Goils 201

1. CHARACTER: She fluffed her hair and straightened her jacket. Satisfied that she looked presentable for the superintendent’s visit—no chalk on her clothes or hands. No blood either. She bolted to her office, seeking escape with the boss and her performance review.

2. SETTING: She struggled through the thick vegetation, swinging the machete awkwardly, working her way towards her destination. Vines wrapped themselves around her legs. She yanked at the long skirt of her dress to free herself. She swung the machete again, and pushed through the narrow opening she’d created, ignoring the thorns that scratched her bare arms and shoulders. “Suitably dressed, I am, I am.” A spider web enveloped her. The machete cut through it easily enough, but remnants clung to her skin.

3. SCENE ENDING: “Oh, my God! What’s happening to me?”
Embattled jpg for Kindle

Find out more about Darlene Jones’s books on her website: www.emandyves.com


Also joining us today is Mandy Baggot.


1. Character – Nathan Regan

He was good-looking, but his clothes were a style disaster. He was wearing an off-the-peg charcoal suit, a white shirt open at the neck, and on his feet were very cheap shoes. He wasn’t the hotel’s usual clientele. He looked like he might be more at home selling mobile phones.

2. Setting

When Autumn saw the property, she smiled for the first time in a very long time. It was gorgeous. This was more like it. This was what she was used to. As soon as the Jeep had parked up outside and Teo had opened the door, she had almost floated out of the vehicle, joy and awe etched on her face. It was a new building, traditionally constructed, the color of slate with a green tiled roof. There was a garage straight ahead, and to one side, wooden steps led up to a front door.

Her jacket was over her arm now. The heat was stifling, and she knew that inside there would be a shower at the very least, somewhere she could wash off everything she had endured over the last day. She walked toward the steps, unable to wait any longer.

3.  Scene Ending

The room silenced as Alison Raine looked to Autumn for an answer to her question.


Website: www.mandybaggot.com

Twitter: https://twitter.com/mandybaggot

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Sapphire Star Publishing: http://www.sapphirestarpublishing.com/mandybaggot


More writers to come next time.

Writing Styles – Part 1

The Restaurant 3dWriters all have different ways of conveying meaning to their readers. In this post I’ve asked authors to provide short excerpts with examples of how they’ve developed description of a character and a setting. A third challenge was to provide a sentence or two showing their favourite ending to a scene.

My first guest is Linn B. Halton with excerpts from her novel, “The Restaurant @ the Mill.”


1. CHARACTER: He stood in front of me looking curiously awkward. He pulled a business card out of his pocket and handed it to me, going very red in the face. “Er… great night,” he said. “Could you give me a ring sometime maybe?” I took the card from his hand and looked up at him, rather surprised. – Ben Adams

2. SETTING: It captivated me from that first moment, as Ben and I stood outside admiring the front of the old mill. The stream that originally fed the water wheel was only a trickle now and disappeared under the tarmac below our feet. It flowed on beneath the floor on the north side of the building. The wheel itself was located outside, behind the kitchen, although it no longer worked. The stream reappeared in the far corner and ran on down through the garden as far as the eye could see. It lent a gentle bubbling sound to the air, which would once have been a loud rushing torrent when the watercourse was unobstructed.

3. SCENE ENDING : “Hi five?” he asked, hand held aloft and as I raised mine in triumph, the deal was struck – The Restaurant @ The Mill was born; it might not have been perfect, but as I’ve learned from past experience, perfect isn’t always the best option.

Link   http://linnbhalton.co.uk/the-restaurant-the-mill/


I‘ve decided to join in the fun myself:

Anneli Purchase

Anneli Purchase

I’ve taken my character and setting descriptions and chapter ending from my novel “The Wind Weeps.”

1. CHARACTER: One of the older boat owners and a permanent resident of Lund, Edgar was probably in his seventies, but he hopped out onto the float with the spryness of a much younger man. He was shadowed by an invisible pong of oil and garbage. I wrinkled my nose and reached for the stern line to help him tie up.

2. SETTING: I pushed open the door and took a deep breath of the fresh sea air. The tang of iodine told me it was low tide. It wasn’t a bad smell, but it definitely belonged to the seashore. I pulled my toque over my ears against the chill and started up the trail behind the house. Immediately the iodine smell gave way to the aroma of moss and decay and the scent of firs freshly washed with rain. The forest floor was soft with layers of organic material; fir needles, ferns, moss, and decayed fallen trees made the ground firm enough, yet spongy. I wondered for how many thousands, maybe hundreds of thousands, of years that had been going on.I filled my lungs with the wholesome earthy aroma. If I stayed here long enough, maybe I would die here and become part of this cycle. There were worse places to end up.

3. SCENE ENDING: No job, only $800 in my purse, no family, no friends–and now this gorgeous hunk of a man turns out to be a woman.

The Wind Weeps

Link to “The Wind Weeps” and other books by Anneli Purchase: www.anneli-purchase.com

Check back in a few days for more guests in the next of the series on “Writing Styles.”

Checkered Flag Event

Today’s guest may be familiar to you, but did you know she has just crossed a milestone finish line?

checkered flag

checkered flag -flipped

Darlene Jones has finished the fourth and final novel of her “Em and Yves Series.”

Embroiled promises to keep you turning pages right until the end.


Many years ago a young girl left the safety of Canada for adventure in Africa. This was in a generation when young girls didn’t go anywhere on their own and certainly not to the “the dark continent.”

I was that young girl and going to Mali demanded that I adapt to the climate, the culture, and the languages.

But above all, I had to adapt to time travel, for most Malians lived the way they always had. Modern conveniences consisted of basic items such as kerosene lanterns and little else.

I brought home with me a love for Mali, the Sahara, and Malians that burns as brightly now as it did then.

It was the plight of Malians that inspired my novel series. Since I couldn’t wave a magic wand to make life better in Mali, I chose to do that fictitiously. I wrote my books to entertain, but also with the hope that readers would see the world in a broader perspective. I hope that doesn’t make my books sound preachy, because they’re not intended to be, but I don’t think I could have written them in any other way, given my experiences in Mali. The wide warm smiles of Malians stay with me always. I hope that warmth and positive outlook is conveyed in my stories.




Yves has taken Emily up to his world—a world of gods and Powers and people rescued from doomed planets. He has given her 100 days in Earth time to decide if she wants to stay with him or go back to Earth.

Faced with the dilemma of having to make this decision, Emily takes refuge in the antiquities room of the library where she finds odds and ends from Earth, objects that both ease and increase the sorrow of her painful decision. Among the Earth things, she finds a beautiful dress. She doesn’t know this is the dress Yves gave her in her first life.

Emily is wearing the dress when she encounters Algar, the Power most disapproving of her presence in their world.


“Sky! Not you again.”

Emily jumped and swept her gaze around the chamber. Lord help me. Algar! Nothing she could do now, but face him head on.

“What is that … that … abomination you’re wearing?”

Emily looked down at her dress. “You mean this?” Of all the times to be wearing her special dress…. Yves had planned a private dinner for them tonight. She’d worn the dress for him because he liked it so much and because she felt so amazing in it. For Algar to see her in it was beyond bearing.

“You are indecent. You must be detained. Immediately.” Algar reached for her. “Guard! Guard!”

Emily’s courage deserted her. She gathered up her skirts to run. Sparks of light flew off the dress. Algar cried out and staggered back. Emily froze. Good God, the dress had assaulted him. Algar had raised his hands to protect his face. Emily gave her skirt a little shake. More sparks flew. One must have landed on Algar’s face, because he muttered an oath and scrabbled at his cheek with his fingers as if trying to get something off his skin. Another shake of the skirt and more sparks flew, these ones leaving tiny singe marks all over his tunic until it looked like a grotesque parody of a fifties polka dot dress.

“Guard!” Algar bellowed. Two troopers appeared at the entrance. She shook the skirt again. They too, fell back as sparks flew at them. Emily didn’t wait to see what would happen next. She ran.


Embattled [1] jpgEmpowered [1] jpeg??????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

Find out more about Darlene Jones and her books on her author page at Amazon.com and on her webpage.