Spring in Romsey

My guest today is Emma Calin. She is a talented writer who spends part of the year in the UK and part in France. Sounds very exotic to me. Welcome, Emma!


It’s great to be back on your blog, Anneli Purchase. Thanks for having me.


Names and words are the stuff of writing aren’t they. A character’s name may be all you need to describe them. A few days ago I was in a church where my daughter was suffering a music exam. My mind had drifted onto the contents of this guest blog post. I had to do a bit of a double take since I was staring at a plaque commemorating the lives of different members of the Purchase family. What a coincidence.



Well into the 1960s, the principal grocer’s shop in the country town of Romsey in Hampshire was run, named, and owned by the Purchases. William Overbury Purchase (Doesn’t that name draw a fine Victorian Alderman in your imagination?) was the mayor and Justice of the Peace. A daughter, Florence, was a leading light of the abstinence movement, having taken the pledge as a child – one imagines at the instigation of a parent.

Florence Overbury Purchase

So, seated in the church I pondered the nature of life in which names, seasons, and beliefs form so many links in the flow of time. Looking at church inscriptions always takes my mind back to those great tomes of the glamour and shoulder-pad saga period, where books were sold by weight. I just don’t have the focus or work ethic to write one, but I do occasionally sketch one in my head. I think William Overbury could be some kind of patrician tycoon.

William Overbury Purchase

This is a beautiful part of the world, where spring is running desperately – trying to catch up with my aspirations for it. Here are some pictures from in and around Romsey to compare with the spring where you are. Perhaps, Anneli, some of your family may have seen these very woods?

Bluebells in Romsey Woods

Bluebells in Romsey woods





On the subject of writing, which was supposed to be my focus for this post, take a look at this video – I did not create it but it says it all (although I have not actually been banned from anywhere – yet.)


Emma Calin Quartet

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14 thoughts on “Spring in Romsey

  1. What a coincidence! Researching into families can be fun and enlightening, my mum has gone back hundreds of years with her family name.

    Lovely photos too, especially the tulip.


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