The Restaurant @ The Mill

Today’s guest is the lovely Linn Halton from the UK. Welcome Linn.

Linns bookshelf

About the author: Linn writes contemporary women’s love stories that reflect life, the baggage we all carry around with us and the complexities of relationships. You are always guaranteed an uplifting ending that won’t disappoint and often a psychic twist that will make you stop and think… what if? Linn lives in the small village of Arlingham, in the UK.

Linn signed with US publishing house Sapphire Star Publishing in 2012; The Quintessential Gemini, a heart-warming romance was released in June 2012 and The Restaurant @ The Mill, a collection of life/love stories based around an old mill, was released in August 2012. Linn is a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association.


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It’s lovely to be here with you today Anneli. Wish it was in person as I would love to visit your very beautiful part of the world!

The mill featured on the cover

Setting is so very important when writing a novel and when I wrote The Restaurant @ The Mill it was crucial. The mill around which this novel is based is actually a composite of two existing buildings. Both are beautiful, old mills that have been preserved and retain a sense of atmosphere. One is a working water mill, which was one of the features in the book and allowed me to provide some accurate description. The other was a pin mill, and had a layout that would work if I were converting an old building into a restaurant. The composite building became very real to me. I could walk around it in my head and see it as if it were a place I had visited!

It was important though, as I wanted the readers to fall in love with what was essentially the heart of this book. I needed them to regard it as having an existence of its own; the characters were simply a transient part of the life of the old building. It is the restaurant that is the common theme, bringing together the stories of love at every stage in life – from newlyweds to a couple in their twilight years. Whilst the spirit of “Sarah” is a cameo role within the novel, she helps to gently remind the reader of the age of the building. She sees everything that is happening through the eyes of a Victorian mill owner’s wife, albeit a slightly confused and disorientated one at times. Her purpose was to bring a sense of generation and history, and a reminder that what was happening in the here and now was simply another passing phase in the life of the mill.

Some of the individual stories of the couples who dine there play out to a conclusion, some are a work in progress – in the same way that life itself is never “complete” because no one knows what tomorrow will bring.

My favourite restaurant is in a very old building in Nailsworth, Gloucestershire in the UK. When I sit there I can almost feel the presence of the past – I do hope that is what the readers take away from my story.

The Restaurant 3d

The Restaurant is not just about the owners, Hilary and Ben, but as “The Restaurant @ The Mill” thrives and comes alive with the conversations and emotions of people unconnected in their day-to-day lives, another five stories unfold. Only one thing is certain, life is an eternal struggle and that is the common thread, which ties us all together. Life, love, sadness and happiness….

The Restaurant @ The Mill; the owners, the staff and the customers – each of the six individual stories reflect a different set of life and love problems. One thing ties them together, they all frequent the Mill.

Is happiness guaranteed? Not necessarily, but when love fails it simply means it’s time to move on. Can young love survive when two people have been parted for most of their lives? Can a lonely man ever find the peace and true love he seeks? Will old wounds ever heal and can people learn to love again?

And then there is the spirit of a young woman named Sarah, who wanders the Mill looking for her beloved husband. Will she ever be able to rest? The Restaurant sees it all.

24 thoughts on “The Restaurant @ The Mill

  1. Lovely to be here with you Anneli – such a long journey from the UK … ha! ha! Wish it was in person, I would dearly love to see some of the places in the wonderful photos you take.The small village in which I live is surrounded by rolling green fields and lots of small farming communities. The photo of the mill above was taken at a viewpoint just a few miles away and there are many old mills in the area. It’s been lovely chatting and thank you so much for having me – and sorting out a little problem I had today! Lx


  2. I have read and enjoyed The Restaurant @The Mill and read this post with agreement. The Mill is very much a character in the book in its own right. It’s an anchor in the story and brings all the characters together. I felt it was real and I’d love to go there but of course then I’d expect all the characters to be there too! A wonderful book, Linn. Great post Anneli.


  3. Fabulous post. I loved The Restaurant @ The Mill, especially as the photos remind me of the little B&B/restaurant where my OH and I spent our honeymoon down Cornwall way! Great to see two fabulous authors connecting here today, lovely feature, ladies!


  4. I think I recognise this building! The location is of special interest to me as I was born and brought up in the area – now on my KIndle and I am so looking forward to settling down to a good read!


  5. Linn, all of your books are wonderful. 🙂 This building is beautiful. Thanks for sharing info on the background of the book.


  6. I want to call and make a reservation there immediately! There’s no question of the importance setting plays in most novels but this mill goes a step further and is a most unforgettable character in itself. Thanks for sharing more details about it.


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