Dreams and Visions


My guest today is author Darlene Jones. Yes, that’s her on the camel. Get used to seeing her because she has three novels published and is working on her fourth. Empowered is the second book of her Em and Yves series. You may have read Embattled, where Em singlehandedly tries to stop war. Em is re-incarnated as Jasmine in the stand alone sequel, Empowered.

Dreams and visions.

Both rule Jasmine’s life. Convinced by her childhood visions that her soulmate exists and isn’t just a figment of romance novels, Jasmine pursues Victor relentlessly, believing he is “the one.”

Reincarnation. Is it possible? A dream convinces her so. But, the visions and dream promise much more than a lover. They portend danger and a threat to Jasmine’s perfect life. Who was she in that other life? Why is she so sure she is invincible? Will her beliefs lead her into danger?

And Yves? He is the celestial being assigned to watch over her, and to provide the people to protect her. He must experience again the agony of losing the woman he loves to another as Jasmine and her soulmate fulfill their destiny. Will Yves jeopardize his rise to a position of power by going to her on Earth, or will he give up his love?

Excerpt from Empowered:

Victor grabbed Jasmine’s arm and dragged her to his office. “Don’t you guys all have something to do?” he said over his shoulder, but none of the men moved. He saw Jasmine look back at them and wink.

“You tell her, Vic,” one of the guys hollered just as he slammed the door.

“Woman, what were you thinking when you came here? It’s not safe and you stand out like a sore thumb.” Victor glared at her. “Please, tell me you’re not that dumb.”

“Belize, I think.”


“Belize for our honeymoon.”

“Honeymoon!” He heard the guys hooting on the other side of the door and imagined a whole lot of high-fives taking place out there.

“Yes, good snorkeling. We’ll have to have a society wedding of course. But we can keep it small and limit the photographers.”

“You’re totally nuts.” Victor shook his head in disbelief.

“We’ll make beautiful babies,” she cooed smiling up at him.

“Babies?  Babies!” Victor screeched. “Get this straight. We. Are. Not. Getting. Married. We. Are. Not. Making. Babies.” What did it take to make her understand?

“We are,” she said in a matter of fact way that enraged him even more. “We have to.”

“What the hell are you talking about?”

“Victor, I love you. I can feel you in every atom of my body. My bones feel like jelly when I’m with you. Can’t you—?”

“You don’t even know me,” he yelled as he yanked the door open. The guys scrambled out of the way. With one hand on Jasmine’s arm and the other on the small of her back, he propelled her out the door to the waiting men. Jasmine stopped abruptly and Victor’s forward momentum caused him to press against her. He jerked back as if scalded. Jasmine turned to the audience in the doorway and mouthed, “I’ll be back.” Five thumbs turned up.

Empower jpeg

Empowered is available at:

Amazon:          http://ow.ly/eArB2

Apple ibook:   http://ow.ly/gzns7

Smashwords:   http://ow.ly/gznit

Website:        www.emandyves.com


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