A Tale of Two Heroes



Hi, Anneli.

Thank you so much for having me on your blog today. It’s a real pleasure!

Well, what’s been going on with me lately? I have been ULTRA busy, that’s what! It’s my own silly fault because this year I decided it was time to up the stakes a bit. It was time to look after the most important people in my life…no, not my husband Mr Big…MY READERS!

I am going to attempt to bring you all a brand new novel every six months! ‘Can it be done?’ I hear you cry. Well, who knows? I certainly hope so! But it does mean I’m spending most days with two men! And what’s wrong about that? Add in some chocolate and wine and you’ve got the perfect life, right? The trouble is, between them, they can get pretty exhausting! Let me introduce them to you!




This is Nathan Regan. He’s the star male in my first romantic suspense novel, Security. It’s being brought to you by my wonderful publishers, Sapphire Star Publishing, on 4 April 2013. Mark the calendar!

Nathan’s just been appointed as bodyguard to pop diva, Autumn Raine and he isn’t very happy about it. Autumn is hard work. She titivates constantly and has been ruined by the life of luxury she’s been living.

Nathan’s as down-to-earth as they come; rough, ready, the quintessential action hero. But although he has many scars on the outside, it’s the ones on the inside that hurt the most. Beneath this brash exterior is a very complicated man. I do love a man with inner vulnerability! What do you think? Is he hot?










How about this one? Do you like him? Well, this is Guy Duval (Guy pronounced ‘Gey’ because he’s French) and he’s the male lead in the novel I’m halfway through writing at the moment. It’s called Do You Remember? and I’m working towards an October 2013 release for it.


Guy’s a professional footballer, just signed to a UK team and when he opens a brand new leisure centre he’s reacquainted with his first love, schoolteacher Emma Barron.

There are actually two stories going on in this book as I’ve used flashback chapters to tell the story of Guy and Emma first meeting back in 2005. Hopefully this will take the reader on two journeys. One tracks teenagers falling in love and the other details how things have changed and how circumstances have altered these people.

Unlike Nathan, Guy is a bit more clean-cut. He’s been living the celebrity lifestyle, he’s rich and successful, and he has a model girlfriend. Life couldn’t get any better you’re thinking. Well, he’s desperately unhappy and because of events of the past he is full of self-loathing and a shame he can’t get rid of.

I hope I’ve intrigued you enough to find out more!

Mandy Baggot

Mandy Baggot


Mandy Baggot brings you award-winning fiction. In 2012 she won the coveted Innovation in Romantic Fiction award at the UK’s Festival of Romance. Her novel Strings Attached was also short listed for Best Author Published Read.

Mandy writes strong contemporary romance and characters you’ll fall in love with. Previously self-published, she was signed by US publishing house Sapphire Star Publishing in January 2012. Shortly afterwards she became a member of the Romantic Novelists’ Association. Mandy is also a featured author at innovative writer/reader website Loveahappyending.com.

A self-confessed Twitter addict, Mandy also likes to show off her singing talents on You Tube – check out Lady Gaga! She has auditioned for X Factor, appeared on ITV1s Who Dares Sings and longs to duet with Bryan Adams. She also has a fondness for white wine, mashed potato, country music and World’s Strongest Man.

Mandy lives near Salisbury in Wiltshire, UK with her husband, two daughters and two cats called Kravitz and Springsteen.




16 thoughts on “A Tale of Two Heroes

  1. Hmm – I seem to be lingering on this post a little longer than usual. You ladies have created a lovely diversion on a busy day! There is no doubt both books will enjoy great success. Thanks for this most enjoyable post, Anneli and Mandy!


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